Friday, January 7, 2011

Grace is a Love-ly name...

Wife:  Soooooo, what did you do today?
Me:  Oh, not much.  You know, went to work... came home...
Wife:  Un-huh.
*awkward silence*
Me:  I've done something wrong again haven't I?
Wife:  Uh-huh.
Me:  Hmmmmm... can you give me a hint?
Wife:  Yea, I read your blog.
Me:  Okay.  So?
Wife:  Grace.
Me:  Yeah.  Grace.  Good post?
Wife:  You're an idiot.
Me:  You can't call me an idiot.
Wife:  Moron - I said I would stop calling you a moron.  I never said anything about idiot.
Me:  So you didn't like the Grace blog?  It isn't about the name Grace... you know it's about people who adopt for the wrong reasons.
Wife:  You do know that like, 6 of our good friends have daughters named Grace.
Me:  Yea.
Wife:  Do you know how many emails I got today?
Me:  Hmmmm... No.  But now that you mention it... I did get alot of emails too.
Wife:  You know that all those Moms are gonna hate you now.  Because they think you hate their daughters name.
Me:  But Grace is a lovely name!  The post was never about the "name"...
Wife:  You are such a moron...
Me:  Hey!

So, yea, apparently, I can blog about wrestling bears wrapped in bacon - no response.  But oh boy, pick on the name Grace, and the Momma Bear comes out in ALL the Mommies... I even had Mothers who DIDN'T have a child named Grace emailing me!  And there was a different mother who legally changed her daughters name from Lilly to Grace just so she COULD yell at me!  :-)

Anyway, just to me clear, and to make sure that I don't get a nasty email from my wife later...
I, Adrian (the Yeti), Love the name Grace!  It is a beautiful name!  A thoughtful name, a name which shall be echoed in the halls of heaven sung by the angels themselves.  My previous post was not meant to being shame or disrepute to this marvelous wonderful name - only to help paint a picture of where some parents may go astray in thinking that they can "fix" their children*.

* == All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


  1. :-D

    Wow, it took longer for this post to surface than I expected after reading the "Grace" post.


    If it helps at all-- I got the meaning of your post.

    In our group we have two playmates named Grace (both adopted from China) and an exchange student from China who chose the American name Grace-- staying with one of the families whose daughter is named Grace. When everyone is together we have baby Grace, big Grace, and Supersize Grace.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Yes, well, sometimes us men can be a little slow on the uptake. :-)

  3. Maybe you could edit the original post and replace all the "Grace's" with "Lily." Surely no one could get sore over that.

    I liked the first post. Made sense. But I would've pelted dh with mismatched socks till he printed a retraction too.

  4. Maybe it's just a Daddy thing....but I got it right from the beginning that it wasn't about the name ;-) Got yer back buddy!!

  5. I have to agree with you. While I get your point I have also wondered why every second child adopted from China is named Grace, Faith or Hope, especially Grace. It i sone of those name trend things. Also Emma and Emily. Back when FOI had large groups of babies and Bob did the newsletter I watched for awhile and pretty well every group had at least one Emma or Emily. Ping is a lovely name.


  6. Too funny. So Adrian, any names for your next child yet?? Maybe you should let your blog readers and friends help and then I am sure you would get a lot of interesting names!!

  7. Yes, well, I tried letting the Blog Readers vote for our last adoption, and MY name won the vote... however, the name was still Veto'd by the wife. :-)

  8. Ha! I come from Colorado and honestly, I don't remember many
    Graces" there. So when we decided to name our soon to be little girl Katie Grace, I thought how lovely that sounds (well I still do), but then I went on vacation to my husband's home state of Alabama this summer and all I could hear were people calling out the names of their girls here and there, and it sounded like this: "Grace!", "Oh Grace", "come here Grace", "oh just look at Grace!", "Sarah", "Sarah", Sarah", Sarah", Sarah", "Sarah", "Sarah", "Sarah", "Sarah", "Sarah!" and "Grace!" I mean there were a LOT of Graces and I believe it is actually a law for every southern family to have a Sarah as a child.
    Oh well, we are still going with Katie Grace.

    But I do get the true point of your post! :)