Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Berzenji Forever Family Day!

Yes sir, 1 year ago today, we finally met our daughter face to face.

Today, was our 1st annual Forever Family Day!

We had pancakes with chocolate chips, strawberries and raspberries. We had bacon and syrup and whipped cream! MMmhhhh! So good!

Getting ready to head off to school - the pancakes made us late!  :-)
 I don't think they minded!
 Oh, and there was something-something about a new beautiful daughter who 1 year ago today, stepped out of a back room filled with bright colourfull chairs, wearing a pale yellow fur coat, and stepped right into our hearts...

She quietly looked at Roberta, and said "ma ma", then turned to me, and in the most beautiful voice I've ever heard... said "stay away from me you big fat YETI!" and started to cry!

Okay, maybe she DIDN'T say EXACTLY that...

But she did win over our hearts that day. Actually, she won over our hearts 5 months before that when we first saw her picture and read her profile. Or to be even more precise, 5 years ago, when she was born, she became the answer to a question which we didn't even know our family was asking.

Look how tall she has gotten in the last year!  We marked her height when we got her referral (Jade 3.5), then when she got home 5 months later (Jade 4).  Hopefully the markers can be seen in the photo.

And now, 1 year being home with us... it is nothing short of a miracle to see her with her siblings, and how she is thriving in every way!

I love you Baby! Happy Family Day!


  1. Happy, Happy Family Day Berzenji Family! Pancakes sound yummy! As with our Family Day tradition, Grace has chosen her meal today and it is..... "Handle Chicken". Otherwise known as KFC drumsticks. ;)

    From the Peters Crew

  2. Congratulations to your beautiful family! Pancakes are a favorite here as well.

  3. Happy Forever Family Day!! It truly is a miracle when you realize it has only been a year but it feels like forever! Love you all!!

  4. Congrats on a special day for an awesome family!!!!

  5. Happy Forever Family Day!!! I can't believe its already been a year! Your lil blog is encouraging me to think maybe, just maybe we have room for one more!!! That would child #5! EEk! We'll see! So glad to see you all doing so well!


  6. Children are like Jell-O... there is always room for (one) more! :-) (oh please please PLEASE don't let the wife read this!)

  7. Happy, Happy Family Day! And I READ that Adrian! Are you gonna tell her or should I? LOL!!