Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks Giving Weekend

We celebrated our Thanksgiving weekend last weekend.  We had a great time as a family hanging out, and eating way to much food!

G:  Daddy, can you rake the leaves?
Me:  Sorry baby, I'm busy burning the old deck.
G:  Hmmm... can I rake the leaves.
Me:  Uh, sure.  Why?
G:  Because I want to make a big pile of leaves, and then jump in them!
Me:  Aaah, I see.  Sounds like fun.  Let me get you the rake.


Our little G is about the cutest little blond thing you could ever meet!  She is tiny, and petite, and sweet and lovely.  But she can also be determined when she wants to be!  And today, she wanted to jump in some leaves!  I wish I took pictures of this little 3 foot blond girl attacking a full 1 acer of leaves with a 5 foot rake... so precious!  But she did it.  She gathered up enough leaves to jump all over.

The best part, was seeing her with her sister Ping, and teaching her how to "properly" jump into a pile of leaves... because there is a "right way to do it, dont'cha know".  :-)

We had a nice fire and roasted marshmellows, bar-b-q'ed and ate outside on our NEW deck (Pictures to come), and went for a great hike though the Gatineau Park.  Yes, the leaves were turning red.  The birds were singing.  It was a beautiful sunny day!  Aaaah, life is good.

Just a great relaxing weekend of family time!

Look!  Marshmellows!  I have no idea what they are, but I'm EXCITED!!!
Helping make the Pumpkin Pie!

Okay, maybe "relaxing" is a touch strong of a word.  I burned over 600 pounds of wood, I mowed the 1 acre yard (on a slightly un-happy lawn tractor (just not the same since TractorGate)), roasted marshmellows, bar-b-q'ed, built two benches out of some re-claimed deck wood, burnt the wood from about 4 or 5 trees, went for a 3Km hike with the kids, did a tonne of running around, and the list goes on!  :-)  But, still, according to my wife... it was a wonderful "relaxing" weekend.  :-)

It really was a great weekend to build memories with our family!  And Ping gets to add another "memory" to her family life...  

Ping:  This no park!
Me:  Yes baby, this is the park.
Ping:  NO.  You LIE to me!
Me:  No, Daddy isn't lieing.  This is the park.
Ping:  But dere no swing!  No slide!
Me:  Thats right, this is a different KIND of park.  But it is still a Park.
Ping:  You no nice.  You say we go park.  En den, NO park.  Daddy no nice.  I no like Daddy.
... insert tantrum #1...
Me:  *siiiigh*  C'mere Ping, lets go talk in the car.

...a little while later...

Wife:  Alright everyone, lets go potty before walking on the trail!  It will be a looooong walk.
Ping:  What?!  You say what?  I no go potty.  The potty stinky!  (pointing to the outhouse)
Wife:  Ping, you have to go potty before we go for our walk.
Ping:  I no go potty!!!
... insert tantrum #2, 3, + 4...  (in her defense, the outhouse WAS stinky!)
Wife:  Okay, you go on with the other kids... I'll keep Ping, and meet you on the trail later.
Me:  Okay.  K, D + G, lets go.
Ping:  I go to!
Wife:  After you go potty!
Ping:  WHAaaaat?!  I say NO potty!
... insert tantrum #5...

Getting ready to hit the trail

G beavering a tree down

Mommy and Ping sitting on the side of trailing waiting for us

Later in the hike, we did all meet on the trails, and Ping was in a great mood.  But there are still times where she is figuring everything out... as are we.

See, I'm happy NOW!

What, did you THINK you could stay mad at me?  :-)


  1. Love how you write out Ping's words...I can totally hear them. :) Don't you know Thanksgiving is in November? :) Kidding...

  2. (Continuing my response to your comment on my Speaking of loving the pictures....this post has some of what I think to be theeeeeee best pictures that you have posted. The one of Roberta and the kids is....well for lack of more originality..... priceless. Can a dude use "adorable" to describe the individual kid shots and still be a dude??????? Awesome shots.

    Oh...and I think that it is time for an update to the daddy page. I think that you, me, Henry, Arby, Doug.....hmmmmm am I missing anyone????....gotta talk.