Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I Love this Puzzle!

Forget the broken math in there... I mean, area = height * width.  Yea, the area is different depending on how you arrange the pieces.

What really struck me about this puzzle is that I think it is a great metaphor for our lives.

I think God has planted inside each of us, everything we need to succeed in life.  Not just succeed, but thrive.  However, if those pieces in our lives are all messed up - then we can be left with "holes".

When I look at Ping, I can see that she has everything in her to make her life brilliant.  Hopefully we are part of that puzzle, and our piece is in the right place.  All my job is, to try to help her shuffle those pieces into the right place so that her life is full and complete.

There is nothing I can add.
Nothing that I need to take away.
She is all there.

Maybe her puzzle pieces are a little "messed up" leaving some holes - but then again... aren't we all?  :-)

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