Monday, October 18, 2010

Maybe it SHOULD be Her

I know my wife and I have had a few different discussions about WHO should goto China if only 1 of us can go to adopt our 2nd child... I came across something this weekend that helps put "Fathering" into perspective.  I was with the kids at the Nature Museum, when I came across the Frog display, and this article posted by the Milk Frog.
During the breeding season, the loud call of a male milk from lures a female to his water-filled tree hollow.  The female lays her eggs in the pool and leaves the male to fertilize them and care for the young.  After the tadpoles hatch, the male lures another female to lay eggs in the same water hold.  He doesn't fertilize the second batch of eggs, but uses them to feed his hungry tadpoles.  By "faking" a love interest, he tricks the second female into delivering food for babies that are not hers.
Now, I'm not saying that I would have tried to trick some other woman into feeding our children... but that might be only because I didn't think of it!  At 1st I'm like "Wow, what a great Frog Dad!  Raising all the kids! Oh, and then he what?!  Oh!  Right.  Well, so much for the loving father role."

So my faith in Dads has taken a bit of a hit this weekend.  :-)   Ah well.  What can I say.


  1. Take out the faking the love interest and it's really not a bad plan. Send your wife to China and call all her friends and have them deliver meals to you while she's gone. Sounds like a decent plan to me. :)

  2. too funny....Kelly has a good idea too! My husband travelled alone with his paernts to bring Miah was all good!...although I was a touch jealous ;)

  3. The soft sounds of crickets playing with regard to the debate of "it should be me' vs. "it should be her."

  4. It's only a debate in my head...