Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here is to 14 Years of Doing it Wrong!

Happy  Anniversary to My Beautiful Wife, and Best Friend!

14(ish) Years Ago...
Here is to all the things we've done wrong over the past 14 years...  Here is to:
  • for dating someone so very different
  • getting married too young
  • not being done school before getting married
  • having kids while we were too young
  • going back to school to get an education to support the family
  • working 2 (or 3) part time jobs to pay for school
  • for my wife quitting her job to be a "Stay at Home Mom"
  • for starting a new job and leaving an established one
  • for moving over 3000KMs away from home
  • for leaving all our friends and family
  • for adopting

And here is to some of the things we've done right...  
  • for building a family full of love
  • for being brave and doing things which others said could not be done
  • for standing by each other though good times, bad and yes, even crazy
  • for loving every day we get to spend together
  • for always "trying" in our relationship
  • for being able to look back over the years and go "how the heck did we manage THAT?!" and laugh
  • for teaching our children 
    • love
    • patience
    • peace
    • goodness
    • kindness
    • faith
  • for helping each other and each member of the family to be what God has called them to be
  • for adopting

Considering that we seem to have done so many things wrong, I think it has turned out pretty darned great!

Love you Babe!

PS:  Travis, you owe me 20$ still, we lasted longer than 3 months... :-)


  1. Congratulations Adrian & Roberta! Here's to 14 or 28 or... more years of breaking all the "rules" and sticking it out - together! Hope you enjoy your day!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary and Best Wishes for many more to come!

  3. Pretty sure we made MANY of those same mistakes, includes folks taking bets at the wedding on how long it would last! 26 years DH and I are still going strong!
    Happy anniversary!
    (The bad stuff wasn't really all that bad you know!)

  4. Happy Anniversary you two!!! And the cool thing is that it keeps getting better...yep you'll add more items to both lists, but that's ok as you continue to see the Lord's plan in all of it! :) We celebrated 27 years this past June...unbelievable! :) HUGS to your family!