Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Gosh I'm Getting Old!

Yea, so this weekend was my Birthday... I figured the gifts I got from the kids were so funny I'd post them.  :-)

Take the card from my Boys.  Looks nice and colourful.  But check out the lower right hand corner of the card.  Yes.  Thats a Space Marine from the StarCraft II game about to be eat'ed by a Zergling there.
The made a WANTED Poster for me... wait, check the name they scratched out, I am the WANTED Person.  Great, my boys are trying to get me arrested.  *siiiiigh*
Yes, Ping taped a Rock to a card for me.  A Rock!  I remember her dragging that silly rock in from the drive way.  I meant to toss it back outside.  Good thing I didn't, otherwise I would not have gotten it taped to my B-Day card!  :-)
Ahhhh, my sweet G drew a picture for me!  Its an old man.  With pants pulled up too high.  A beard.  Balding.  Fat.  And apparently... me.  *siiiigh*
The inside of G's card.  Ice cream.  The kids on the right.  The pretty smiling one in the middle is G herself.  An Angry face on the left above the Ice Cream bleeding from the eyes with razor sharp fangs... guess who I am in the drawing?
Close up of the Angry Face with fangs and the bleeding eyes...  It's still cute somehow.
AAaaaaah!!! Kurieg my love!  The wife and kids all pitched in to get me a new coffee maker!  :-)
I think all the cards and stuff were wonderful!  It was cute to see how excited they were to give them to me.  Even Ping was running around for the last 48 hours just waiting to give me my card!  Someone remind me sometime to post my thoughts on Ping and Birthdays... cuz they are kind of a big deal to her.  I mean, a REALLY big deal.  :-)

It was a great B-Day.  We had a nice breakfast cooked by R, then we went swimming as a family and had a blast!  Later that night I soothed my bruised old self with copious amounts of coffee from my new Kurieg coffee maker!

Oh, and most importantly, look at what I fixed!  :-)
I spend a couple long nights gluing all the pieces back together!  I think the industrial strength epoxy I used would kill anyone if they actually ate off it... but at least we can put it on a plate stand somewhere and have a nice story to go along with the plate now.  :-)


  1. Happy bday! EAT OFF THE PLATE! A little carcinogen at your advanced age won't hardly matter in the end.
    Nancy-of the crazy 8s

  2. You can find this plate on ebay. Just search "special plate red".
    Oh and Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday/rock day -- hope the plate didn't kill you at dinner. We have the plate and the matching mug too.

    Check the link out --
    You're on!

  4. A belated very happy birthday to you Adrian!!!! Daddy's with Bl.....sites that they write stuff on....rule!!! You didn't think that I was going to use that word did you????

    Excellent job on the plate! Looks good enough to eat off to me.

    ...and I love the gifts!! They are priceless...well ok....I guess the coffeemaker has a price.

  5. Yes, Ping taped a Rock to a card for me. A Rock!

    - Maybe she is trying to tell you that you are "As solid as a rock", or perhaps "As strong as a rock"?

    We have a Keurig coffee machine too, I suggest the Kahlua flavored coffee K cups (sadly only flavored - no alcohol content). Yum!

  6. Ha! I'm enjoying the comments today.

    I saw the re-post on "We Are Grafted In" - if I could find a way to make a living by just blogging, I totally would! In the mean time, I just hope any sites re-posting my stuff (and yes, WAGI did ask if they could re-post it) find them a blessing to their readers.

    As for the rock, well... Ping has re-claimed it. I guess it was only mine for a few hours. It is now once again in her possession, and I'm not allowed to have it. :-)

  7. Guess I forgot to say happy birthday!

  8. Guess I forgot to tell you as well. ;-)