Friday, September 10, 2010

Keeping Secrets

Generally, keeping secrets is bad.  But sometimes, there are just some things which you keep under wraps for as long as you can.  And naturally, some people are better at this than others.

Bad @ Secrets:  The Wife
Mother in Law (MiL):  I'm so glad everyone could make it for Saturday brunch!
Me:  I'm all about the free food!  Oh, ah, yea, I'm just glad I could make it!  Pass the roast?
Wifes Sister J (J):  So what is everyone doing this weekend?
MiL:  Oh nothing much.  Just sitting around the house.
Me:  I've got school stuff.  Something about calculus... wasn't really paying attention.
Wife:  I don't remember.  But there is something.  Oh, right, is everyone going to J's House Warming Party?
J:  Wahhhhhttttt?
Wife:  Your surprise house warming party, you are coming aren't you?
Everyone:  Uuuuugh!  R!
J:  Uh, I didn't know I was having a surprise house warming party.
Wife:  What?  Why are you all staring at me?!

Bad @ Secrets:  Our Son D
Me:  Hey D, how is the Mc Flurry!
Me:  Cool.  Glad we got to hang out tonight.
D:  Yea.  Hey, what dose coffee taste like?
Me:  Dark.  Bitter.  And yet, somehow, glorious!  As if the heavens have opened up and this dark liquid was cast down to this bitter dark cruel earth as a reminder to us all that there is someone who loves us, and provides good things - despite our own wretchedness!
D: .... uuuh... Can I try some?
Me:  Well, you could.  But we don't have a coffee machine at home.
D:  Oh!  What if there was a coffee machine at home!  Then could I try some.
Me:  I guess.
D:  And I hear there is some coffee machines which can make Tea!
Me:  Yup.
Me:  Yup.
D:  And then the WHOLE FAMILY would be happy because you can have coffee, Mom can have tea, and us kids can have Hot Chocolate!
Me:  D, did Mom get me a coffee maker for my b-day?
D:  ....  aaaaaaaahhhhh.... ummmmmm... I didn't tell you!

Good @ Secrets:  Our Daughter G
G:  Daddy, guess which book you have to read to me tonight?!
Me:  Okay, Smelly Socks!  No?  Love you Forever?  No?  Bernstain Bears?  Booooobahs?  Um, Elmo?  Disney Princess Collection?  Andrews Hair?  Tooth Fairy?  Ahhhh, Strawberry Shortcake? ...

... 10 minutes later ...

Me: ... Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut?  Is it, the Monsters Book Just Go To Bed?!
*big smile starts to creep across Gs face*
Me:  Aaaah, so it IS Just Go To Bed?
G:  *stifling a laugh*  Nnnnooooooooo!
Me:  I think it IS Just Go To Bed!
G:  *shaking her head trying not to laugh*  No!  It ISN'T!
Me:  I'm pretty sure it is!
G:  *biting her lip*  Uh-nah.
Me:  Give me the book!  What?!  Dora Visits the Doctor?!
G:  *bursts out laughing*  I fooled you Daddy!

Stone cold liar!
Stone cold I tell ya!
Nothing giving it away.
And she TOTALLY faked me out with the fake laughing and stuff!
I thought I had her for SURE!

Not Sure @ Secrets:  Our Ping
Me:  Ping.  Come here.
Ping:  I love you Daddy!
Me:  Oh you figured that out eh.  When you think you're in trouble you start off with a I Love You.
Ping:  Lets cuddle!
Me:  Yes, later.  But first... WHO put that red thing (some sticky gelly goopy thing) on the ceiling?
Ping:  Mmmmmmm, D did!
Me:  Nooooo, D did NOT stick that to the ceiling.  Did you?
Ping:  No!
Me:  Ping, don't lie to Daddy.
Ping:  Okay.
Me:  So did you get that stuck on the ceiling?
Ping: Yes.  But I can no reach it!

Now I knew she did it, cuz I watched her.

It feels good to be moving on to normal age appropriate behavioral problems.  :-)  It is nice to be dealing with something other than NOT sharing, or NOT talking nice.  Yup, I'm sure by the time she is 14 we will be arguing just like any other teenager/parent would!

Anyway, all that to come back around to Keeping Secrets... is there a big secret being kept somewhere here lurking in the blog postings?  Hmmmm... not that it would be hard to figure out if there was... cuz apparently, some people around here are just NO GOOD at keeping secrets.  :-)

... I think I'm gonna have to make our 6 year old daughter G preview all communications my wife has with the outside world.


  1. Is the big secret a boy or a girl? You are tied at 2 and 2 now so...


  2. I love secrets... especially "big secrets"!!!

  3. Big secrets...seems to be a trend on the FOI families blogs....

  4. Yeah, you guys are not so good at big secrets!

  5. Yea, it really is a sad statement that our 6 year old daughter is the best at keeping secrets. Man, thats gonna be a problem during the teen years! :-)