Thursday, September 23, 2010

Accident, Mafia Style

Me:  Ping, can you go get your Mother?
Ping:  No.  Mommy folding laundry.
Me:  I know.  But go ask her to come outside please.
Ping:  Okay.
Me:  Thanks.

... hmmmm... I wonder what happened here... some sort of "accident" I guess?  No, this was done on purpose.

Wife:  What?
Me:  Where are you?
Wife:  Up here.
Me:  Why don't you come outside.  I want to show you something.
Wife:  I can see from here.
Me:  You're on the 2nd floor of the house, looking out of the bathroom window!
Wife:  I'm safer up here.
Me:  What are you afraid of?
Wife:  Nothing.  What did you want.
Me:  Did you see the play structure?

Broken play structure
Wife:  No, why... Oh my!  Its broken!
Me:  Un-huh.  Do you know how it broke?
Wife:  Oh gosh no.  How or why would I know how that got broken?
Me:  Because I see tire tracks here.  Its as if "someone" ran it down.

Hmmmm... the plot thickens
Wife:  Maybe one of the construction guys hit it with his tractor.
Me:  Un-huh.  By "accident" right?
Wife:  I'm sure they didn't mean to hit it.  But I do remember them having to move stuff.
Me:  Okay.  I'm going to ask you one question.  And you have to answer me truthfully.
Wife:  Okay.
Me:  Did you pay the construction guys to run over the play structure!
Wife:  ... I have to goto the bathroom.
Me:  Because you have wanted a new swing set for a couple of summers now.
Wife:  I can't hear... wha?   You're breaking up!  Oh my.  Gotta go!

... quite the "accident".  How do you drag a 500lbs tree into a swing set?
I'm pretty sure my wife just had our swing set "whacked".  There are some habits and behaviors I hope we pass onto our children.  Some which are good, and right, and noble.  These we try our best to pass on with due diligence and deliberation.  We teach what is right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable.

I guess we did need a new one anyway...
But having our swing set have an "accident mafia style" is one of the things I hope my wife DOESN'T pass onto our Children!  On the flip side, I think I showed some great character in dealing with the situation... hopefully I can rub off more on our children than my lovely wife.

... I'm pretty sure I'm one bad post away from having my own "accident", and I'm pretty sure Ping would be willing to help organize it.  :-)


  1. You two are so funny! Looks like Daddy's next job is to build a playstructure!

  2. Shelly, re: "like her [my wifes] style" - maybe it is YOU who should not read my blog! Going back home to Steven with all these ideas of cunning accidents and plotting and such! :-)

    And yes, it looks like a new play structure is on the books for next summer. *siiigh* :-)