Monday, August 23, 2010

New Family Member - this time, NOT a Child!

... or, "Why I Love my Wife"
... or, "Devinne Intervention"
... or, "I'm just going to IKEA to get a Picture Frame"  (honest, thats what she said!)
... really, there are many things I could have called this post.

*ring*  *ring*  *ring*
Me:  Hello.
Voice:  Hey, it's *KeRRSSCCCHHH* and I'm [silence] IKEA *HISSSSSSSSSSSS*!  Can you [silence] think *KEEEEEEEECCCCCC*
Me:  Hey...
Voice:  *SSSSSSsssshhhhhEEEEEEEEE* th [silence] a thi [silence] exactly wa [silence]
Me: Your cell phone is breaking up!
Voice:  ..... [disconnected]
Me:  Argh!  Kids your mother drives me nuts some times!
Son#1:  Huh?  Whats up Dad?
Me:  Hold on... I've got to send an email to your Mother.
Son#1:  Are we not going straight home?
Me:  No, after we get your brother from Karate, we gotta goto Ikea.
Son#1:  Ikea?  Why?
Me:  Oh, your Mother found a couch there... and she wants me to come with the credit card to buy it.
Son#1:  You got all that from the broken phone call?
Me:  No.  No I didn't son.  I got all that from 5 years of dating... 13 years of marriage... and 33 years of understanding when things are going wrong for me.
Son#1:  What are you saying in your email?
Me:  Huh?  Oh.  Uh - "Bad receiption.  Got your message.  Enroute with Credit Card."

See, we got a new family member this weekend!  Yes.  While some people are out there, adopting new children, we got a couch!  Its a step below getting a puppy.  But never the less, it extends our family.

Dragging the new Couch through IKEA
Now, you might ask yourself, why did we NEED a new couch?  Depending on WHO you ask in our family, you would get a different answer.

My lovely wife would say:

  • We need a new couch because the old one was no good any more!

My children would say:  

  • We didn't really need a new couch... the old one was better for jumping on.

I might say:

  • Because we ALMOST had enough spare money to buy a Stereo System!  *siiigh* 

So we arrive at Ikea!

The kids enjoy the ride on the couch
Wife:  Oh there you are!  How did you know where to find me?!
Me:  I know you.
Wife:  Look at this couch!  Isn't it GREAT!
Me:  Uh-huh.
Wife:  And ISN'T it EXACTALY what I've been looking for?!
Me:  Uh-huh.
Wife:  And isn't it a GREAT price!
Me:  Uh-huh.
Wife:  And won't it just make our house complete!
Me:  Uh-huh.
Wife:  Did you ever think we would REALLY find a couch!?
Me:  Oh, I'm pretty sure ...
Wife:  And look at the colour!
Me: ... that it dosnt ...
Wife:  Do you think it will go with out blue?!
Me:  ... what I say...
Wife:  Here!  Hold this?!  *hands me a blue toilet brush*  Its about the same blue as our accent colours!
Me: ... or what I do...
Wife:  Oh, and I've been sitting on it for an HOUR waiting for you so no one would buy it!
Me:  ... I'm pretty sure we're getting the couch.
Wife:  Oh I'm SO glad you love it to!
Me:  Uh-huh.
Wife:  And you have to carry it though the whole store.
Me:  Wha?!
Wife:  Yea, its on clearance.  So they won't carry it out for us.
Me:  But its on DISPLAY in the middle of the store?!  You can barely WALK though here... and you want me to carry it to the check outs?!
Wife:  Don't worry!  I'll get two trolly's!
Me:  *siiiiigh*
Son#1:  Dad...
Me:  Yes son...
Son#1:  What just happened there?
Me:  We just bought a couch.
Son#1:  Huh.  Interesting.  Did we save up money to buy it.
Me:  Nope.
Son#1:  So how are we going to pay for it?
Me:  Overtime kid... overtime....
Wife:  Did I mention it was 30% off?!
Me:  Yea, on the phone.
Wife:  Isn't this perfect!  I mean, WHAT would be the chances that I could have the van, at IKEA, and find a couch on sale... that we LIKED!  I don't want to call it a "sign", like "Devinne intervention", but thats a pretty big coincidence!
Me:  Sooooo... the next time I have the Van, at Future Shop, and I see a 50" TV on Sale for 30% off ...
Wife:  You are such a moron.
Me:  ... right.

So we get the couch on the two trolly's and drag it though the store, pay for it, drag it home, get it all set up... and yes... it makes a LOVELY addition to our family!

The new Addition to our Family in its natural habitat
Now, the couch was a great price... and I really do like it, so I guess it isn't too bad.

However, here is a list of other additions to the house we are currently working on:

  • new deck (we're currently tearing the old one down)
  • new en-suite bathroom 
  • re-do our main bathroom
  • add a new bedroom
  • convert the basement room into a living area for the boys
I guess all things considered, I got off easy having her just find a couch!  :-)


  1. She's lovely. If you find her twin, let me know. I'm in the market.

  2. Yeah, you get working on those bathrooms!

  3. Shelly: Yes, we can start an orphanage for Couches looking for good homes! You should see little Blue-y settling in. Why just in the last couple of days, I can see her true personality coming out! They way she supports our bottoms when we sit on her... oh joy! :-)

    Essie: You are not helping me any. :-)

    Drinkwaters: Nesting? You think? :-)