Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just incase you forgot... I'm VERY Cute!

Dear Dad,

I though I would just write you a small letter before I headed off for Space... the final frontier.

I know you may wonder "why is my little Ping going to run away to Outter-Space?!".

The answer is pretty simple... I guess I've done just about everything else already in life... all by the tender age of 4.

I've lost more than most anyone else ever will.
I've loved more than most people ever will (really, 500 brothers and sisters... YOU try loving them all!)
I've hurt more than most...
... but I've also got to enjoy much as well.

I've been given the opportunity to have 2 Moms, and 2 Dads.
And although some might say that two of those parents don't count, well... they counted to me.
And although it hurts still, that the first set of Mom and Dads didn't work out well (and I hope one day to understand why - and if I can never find out why, then I hope to at least have the wisdom not to be crippled by the question), at least I've got my new Mom... and... *siiiiigh* .... you... (if I have to)...

I've left home at the tender age of 4 (is Uncle Dan STILL living at Grandmas?  Isn't he like 33?  Tell Grandma to kick his free loading butt to the curb!).
Heck, I've left my home town... even my country!

I already am working on my 3rd Language (4 if you count Spanish with Dora the Explorer)!

What else have I done?

I've over come fear.
Unbelievable fear.
Fear which paralyzes.
Fear which consumes.
Fear which seems to have no end.

I've lost what ever sense of control I had in my life... and had to replace it with skills I never thought I would need.  Skills which I railed against for the first 4 years of my life!  But now, I see, I should not live without.

I've learned to love... 
... and am learning still, unconditional love.
I've learned that I can be part of a family,
that family will love me for who I am - encourage me as to who I can become - and stand with me while I grow to be who God has called me to be.

That it is OK to hurt and feel sad sometimes (so long as Dad dosn't see, cuz then he is gonna try to hug me!).
That I can feel safe in my Fathers arms.
That I don't have to 'do everything myself'.
I can let others help me.
I can let others hold me.
I can let others kiss me (so long as they don't have "owies").

Yes sir.  It's been a busy 4 1/2 years Daddy.  I think I need something easier, and more relaxing than this so called "Life".

And now, I figure there really isn't anything left for me to do here on this Earth...
... so I'm going to run off to Outter-Space!

Wish me luck!

Love (and I do mean it this time),

PS:  Oh, and just in-case you forget... I'm very cute!

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