Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fear of Tupperware

Adoption may be many things to many different people.

  • To those adopted, adoption may be a racial issues.
  • To those adopting, adoption may be a family issue.
  • To those supporting adoptive families, adoption may be beautiful.

But apparently... to some... adoption is, a 'Fear of Tupperware'.  I'm not one to judge, but that seems kind of... odd.

The blog site gathers some statistics about HOW people come to our Blog.  Below is the summary of "Google Searches" which brought people here to our Adoption Blog.

Search Keywords (in order of most popular search to least)

  1. zhongshan orphanage
  2. zhongshan orphanidge
  3. fear of tupperware
  4. forever family blog ping
  5. zhongshon orphanage
  6. berzenji
  7. forever family
  8. forever family picture frame
  9. maylie in the party and the you lose
  10. picture of orphanage
Look at number #3 in the list!  The 3rd most popular search for people to find our blog... our blog about our adoption, our family, our lives... is "fear of tupperware"!?!?

I get the other searches... but... tupperware?!


I feel sorry for anyone searching for "Fear of Pampered Chef" - who knows where THEY are gonna end up?!

Oh well.  Maybe I should re-evaluate the effectiveness of our blog.  :-)


  1. LOL! Those poor people probably think your blog is trick to get them into saran wrap!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how "messed up" you would have to be, to actually have a valid enough fear of Tupperware that you turned to Google to find support, or others who have the same phobia! :-)

  3. That is wayyyy too funny!!


  4. Please...stop talking about Tupp....Tuppp.....Ttttttuuuupppp.....those plastic container are freakin' me out!!!! I'm going to have bad dreams tonight.

  5. Oh...I almost forgot...this "post a day" thing you got goin' on is really putting pressure on me to post. How am I ever going to keep up with the Berzenji??????