Friday, August 27, 2010

Diner at the Embassy!

So for *some* reason I was at the FOI Offices today (my gosh, I LOVE FOI) and had a lovely conversation with them there.
Bob from FOI
There are a few reasons why I so enjoy our Adoption Agency, you have the normal reasons:

  • they return phone calls
  • they return emails
  • they actually know me (and my family) by name
  • they are crazy good at what they do
  • they take time for us and all our questions
  • they treat adoption as a "calling", not as a "business"
  • they are honest
  • etc...

But then there are other things too... stuff like:

  • the diners they have at their place for all the families
  • the "Festivals" they put on
  • the "Young Writers" section of their News Letters
  • the fact that they have News Letters

I also love the way they actually know my voice on the phone, I don't even have to introduce myself (sadly, my Mechanic ALSO knows my voice... and... oddly... my dentist.  I guess it is kind of a unique voice.  What, with how manly and rugged I sound!).

But a really cool thing happened today while I was there visiting!

Yulin:  Ah, Adrian!  Oh, I have something for you!
Me:  Uh, okay... great, thanks.  What is it?
Yulin:  Ah, the Embassy is having a diner for families who adopt.  The Ambassador wife is hosting.
Me:  Oh!  Thats great.
Yulin:  Yes, they want families with kids 5 years old.  And I thought of you immediately!
Me:  Cool!  Ping is almost 5.
Yulin:  Yea, she close enough.  So you want to come?
Me:  Yea!  Absolutely!
Yulin:  I knew you would.  Thats why I though of you.  You always try to learn Chinese and Culture!  So I think of you right away.

That just made my day!  I've got an invitation in hand to attend a Chinese Banquet with the Family at the Chinese Embassy!

I know that "negative" news gets a lot of press - Adoption Agencies going out of business, Adoption Agencies charging/changing/raising their Fees, etc - but there is "good" news out there as well.

I'm so excited to be going to the Embassy for diner - but I'm even more excited to know that there are people like Bob and Yulin, who are working so hard to match children with their Forever Families!  :-)


  1. I love them too!!!! Lucky you, diner at the Embassy, have fun!!!

  2. So fun! You know we agree! They are really special people.

  3. Have a wonderful dinner. And yes...they are fantastic!

  4. Lucky you!!! We hope that you all have a wonderful time. We LOOOOOOOVE FOI....Yulin and Bob are amazing! We are very, very thankful for these two special people who were key in bringing us our wonderful little girl. We actually were lucky enough to have them join us for a dinner at our home tonight that we had for a group of our "China travel family". It was an excellent day. We were saying to Adrian and Debbie that we should get the three of our families together. (Adrian...haven't been ignoring your hotmail message....just been a crazy week...trip to Toronto then dinner tonight...looks like you had better hold on to the money belt though huh????? Never know, we might "need" it also though ;-) Errrrr should I not have said that???????????

  5. Rob: Hmmm, you *might* need your money belt back eh. :-) To quote Bob, "These kids should have come with warning labels, 'Warning: Adoption May Be Addictive'". :-) Lets plan getting the families together via email. That would ne great. :-)