Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SUPER (sleeping) POWER!

Because they can do stuff like this... fall sleep... while... slowly falling... off a couch... scrunched up in his shirt...

This is our Son #2, and he has a history of falling asleep on chairs, behind doors, curled up in a tiny ball somewhere in the house... and we find him like 3 days later.

If I have time, I'll post more pictures of him sleeping.

Ever since he was a little baby, he would run and run and run and run until he just stopped and fell right over asleep.

And you look at 'em at that tender age and think, oh they will out grow it.

Well, sometimes they don't. :-) I'm sure he fell asleep there playing.

And thats why kids are awesome.

Oh, anyway, I'm pretty sure if our Son #2 was a super hero, his super power would be sleeping... kinda like his father. :-)

I wonder what our other children's Super Hero Powers would be?


  1. haha, I can't help laughing at that picture:-)

  2. did he fall off the couch???? I think my new daughters super power would be the death stare. She gives us this how-dare-you stare then laughs as though she owns the world and you are her slave (and I guess shes right!!)


  3. I've had a lot of people email me and tell me how funny they find this picture... I WILL totally post more pictures of various places I've found the Big "D" sleeping... I just have to get my hard drive back up and running... grrrrr...

  4. Updated with a couple more pictures of him sleeping. I've got lots of cute pictures of the kids sleeping! Gosh they are cute when they sleep. :-)