Monday, July 19, 2010

Hours left to vote: 13

When I first set up the Forever Family Blog... I had a "voting" feature, where you could indicate where in the adoption process you were. The "voting" had a life span of 1 year... and now... its down to 13 hours (can't believe I've been doing this for a year already).

I had started out this blog as a way to communicate the adoption story to those involved directly, and indirection with adoption.

My hope was to help bridge the gap between those adopting, and those supporting those who were adopting.

Hopefully, over the last year, this blog has been found useful and beneficial to those who read it.

So, for hanging out with me and the Family over the last year, Thank You (Xie xie).

And looking forward to the next year, lets make it a good'er.



  1. Can I change my vote? I voted KNow the child, have referral, waiting to travel. I think-- it's been awhile. We are home now.

  2. Thank you Adrian!!! Always thoroughly enjoy reading your...ummmmmmm....wisdom??? ;-)Yer the goodest!!!

    Amazing how time flies eh? We just passed the date that Clarissa has been with us longer that she wasn't.

  3. I need to change my vote too! We were waiting for a referral and now we are "just" waiting to travel! What a difference a year makes, eh?