Friday, July 2, 2010

The Bravest Little Girl

Look at that little cutie in the water there swimming with her Ye ye.

How amazing is that.

Just a couple days ago, he was a total stranger, as were the other 27 people she met this week.

Ping is off in Winnipeg with the other children and their Mom. So far, in the last 5 days, Ping has met:
  • 2 Grandmas
  • 2 Grandpas
  • 3 Aunties
  • 2 Uncles
  • 1 Male Cousin
  • 6 Female Cousins
  • 3 Of the Wifes Friends and their many off springs
  • 1 Aunt from Europe
  • The Norris Family
  • Half Brothers/Sisters (the Half is only a title, its all family)
  • ... and thats just the IMMEDIATE family.

Now, throw in all the In Laws, the Out Laws, friends, Grandmothers Friends, Grandfathers Friends, people poking, prodding and questioning...

... my GOSH! That must be darned near 50 people in 5 days!

And she is still smiling and Swimming with Grandpa!

That. Is. Amazing.

Do we really understand that?!

Seriously. Take any adult... or imaging yourself, travelling over 3000kms away from home, where you can barely speak the language, and every day you are meeting wave after wave of people... with no end... crazy! I think most of us would wind up in the fetal position crying somewhere in a corner.

But not my Ping. :-) No sir. She takes it all in stride, maybe gets a little upset the odd time, but really, wow. I think she truly IS the bravest person I know!

Even the 1st time we brought our Dear Daughter #1 (DD1) home to Winnipeg, she would not go to the Grandparents. She was far too shy! I remember the Grandparents having to wait to hold her. Wait for her to walk into the room by herself. Wait. Wait. Wait. It wasn't until she was almost 2 or 3 (maybe older) that she would start to really play with them.

But we forget that.

We only look at DD1 NOW, and go "Well, she is so well adjusted! Why can't they ALL be like that?"

But she WASN'T always so well adjusted. No sir. Our DD1 would cry and cry and cry and throw a fit if her mother or I ever left her. There was only 1 poor Nursery Worker at Church who would put up with her (Thanks Mika!!! You ROCK!) and all her crying! Baby sitter? Forget it!

So am I worried that maybe Ping isn't as "nice" as some think she should be, from time to time?
No. Not at all.
Because I remember how our other children were, and I know Ping will be just perfect in time.

This isn't an "Adoption" thing... maybe some on the outside would think it is... but really...
This is just a person, being thrown into a situation which is overwhelming... Full stop. End of story.

And meeting 50 crazy Winnipegers (trust me, they are crazy, you can tell, because they still live there) would TERRIFY anyone.

Family Acceptance Rate:
  1. Our eldest son was born and raised in Winnipeg, and was used to the family pretty quick.
  2. Our 2nd child, was 6 months old when we left Winnipeg. It took him a little while to get used to the family.
  3. Our 3rd child, well, it took her years to get used to the family (we only get to see them maybe once a year)
  4. And our 4th child, is already doing so great, and I am so proud of her! :-) She is talking, and playing, and swimming, and not being distant.
  5. Our 5th child? ... well... lets just keep waiting on that one...

I am so proud of ALL our kid'lets!

I love you babies!


  1. Wow, I'm so proud of Ping. She is indeed a brave girl. It is amazing to see what has happened for her since last Nov. I'm also so proud of your whole family.

  2. She really has WOW'd people while she has been out visiting in Winnipeg. The family comes home Thursday... so I can't wait to get 'em all back home and settle back into a routine. We will have to hook up for everyone to meet your precious little one too! :-) Can't wait!