Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes you Lose, Sometimes you Win!

... re-wind to fathers day ...
Me: Hey, so how was Fathers Day?
Co-Worker (CW): Great. I got some breakfast - waffles, pancakes, eggs, maple syrup and some other stuff.
Me: Really? You only have 1 kid!
CW: Yea, I know.
Me: I got like a bowl of Corn Flakes... with bananas on top. And I've got 4 kids!

I guess its the thought that counts... :-) They were very cute that Fathers Day morning, waking me up waaaaaaay to early to give me my bowl of Corn Flakes. But there were also the hand made cards, and pictures and such. One of the cutest gifts was a picture of Ping in a frame which had puzzle pieces glued all around the edges and the catch phrase "I Love You To Pieces!" on it!

Very cute.

I've gotten one of these frames from all the children who went though the Kindergarten class at the local public school. It was nice to be able to pull the others down from the siblings, and show Ping that they have all given me the same gift. Feels like even after just these past 7 months, there are now "traditions" she can see she is part of.

... last night (the wife and kids have been gone now for over 3 days) ...
Me: So, how is everyone holding up there in Winnipeg?
Wife: Good. Our Dear Daughter #1 (DD1) cried at bed time though, just kept saying "I'm tired. I'm tired". And both the boys are getting over what ever was making them sick as well. I think it was just the travel.
Me: Pings not crying or sick?
Wife: Nope. She hit one of her cousins today tho.
Me: Oh.
Wife: Yea, communication issues. I think she just got too frustrated trying to communicate with the other "little one".
Me: Ahhh, I see. Anyone missing me?
Wife: Ummmm, no. I don't think so.
Me: Really? No one?
Wife: Actually, Ping has been the only one asking "Where my Daddy?"
Me: Ping? Really? Ping. Huh. Go figure.

I guess sometimes we can be winning, even when we think we're loosing.

I'm glad that everyone is having a good time back there in Winnipeg, but I think I'm a little more glad to know that Ping is at least (if not missing me), trying to figure out where I am.

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