Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm going to School!

Ping has been attending Jr. Kindergarten for quite a while now. And for the most part, she LOVES it! She enjoys playing with the kids... and making friends... but there are a couple of issues we are still working though.

(waiting for the bus)
One of the issues we deal with from time to time... and to be quite honest, its not like I deal with this. Generally by the time I get home, it has been dealt with, and I just get the "Sports Central Highlight/Plays of the Week" recap. But the issue is that, well, Ping doesn't really know how to "Back down" from a fight... or... an argument... or, well, really anything. You could be trying to give her ice-cream and she might decide to fight you on it, that it is NOT ice cream and will fight... and fight... and fight... oh well.

(still waiting for the bus! So exited!)
So the point of this, is that *sometimes*, she can get into fights/arugments at school. She wore her Pink Cowboy Boots to school a few days ago, and a couple of the other kids (really bad kids, horrible little rug rats) decided that they were NOT boots - that her Pink Cowboy Boots were infact, "sandals". Well! That did NOT go over well with Ping... because she KNEW they were boots!
(... where is the buss Mommy?)
So after having to have the kids separated, and a phone call from the school, we found out what was going on. And yes, Ping did NOT back down from the fight, but yes she was right about the boots, and yes the other kids were deliberately trying to get her angry. Even the other Mom called and apologized for her childs behavior.
(no bus! It forgot me!)
Since then, we've decided that she dosn't have to go EVERY day to school. Sometimes, she comes home too tired... so wound up... too overwhelmed.
So we now only send her most days.
She dosn't like missing school.
But I think this is better for her.

Am I happy that she got into a fight at school? No. Not at all.
But am I happy that she knows to stand up for herself? Yes.
Am I happy that she stands up for what she knows is right? Yes. Absolutely.
I think those traits will serve her well.

However, she still needs to learn when and where to "pick her fights".

But this is still FAR better than 6 months ago... where EVERYTHING was a fight! :-)


  1. My daughter was adopted about the same age from China as Ping. She has the same issue. I believe she is the "strongest willed" little girl I've ever met.

    I just read a very informative book (got it from the library) by Dr. Bruce Perry, called "The Boy Raised as a Dog" that explains how truama affects the developing brain.

    Our kids most likely are showing the classic symptoms of early institutionalization and neglect. You might want to take a look at it.

  2. Hey Adrian, Happy Father's Day....you do such a great job with the blog..you shouldreally go into editorials or editorializing, (is that a word?) give a big hug to everyone. very pumped to see Roberta and the kids next week. love Curt, Juanita, Julia, Kaesy, Lauren and Allanah