Thursday, June 17, 2010

I made the List!

... almost a year ago...
Co-Worker (CW): Hey, are you coming for lunch today?
Me: Huh? What lunch?
CW: You didn't get the email?
Me: What email?
CW: The one about the lunch? Someone sent and email that we are all going out for Chinese food!
Me: Oh, no. I didn't get the email. Probably because I'm not Chinese.
CW: Okay, let me forward you the email, you can come if you want.

See, I work with many people from China. And they are great. A wonderful support. However, I was not on the "email list". Whenever they organize a function, they just keep re-using this email list to invite all the Chinese people... I was not on this list.

... a few months ago...
CW: Hey, we've got another Chinese lunch, did you get the email?
Me: Yes! I actually got the email this time.
CW: Oh! So they added you to the list?
Me: No, someone else added me in the 2nd round of emails. It seems there were a new non-Chinese people on the 2nd round....

I'm getting closer! In a few short months, I had moved from "verbal confirmation", to the "2nd-ary list of Chinese People". I like to think of this list as the people who WANT to be Chinese list. We've got a couple guys who have married a Chinese woman... or Veitnamiese people, who apparently, look Chinese... etc, etc, etc...

... a few weeks ago...
Me: Hey, are YOU coming to the lunch?
CW: What? There's another lunch!
Me: Yes! Check your email! I got the email!
CW: You're on the list!
Me: Well, not quite... SO CLOSE tho... so close. The organizer invited me.
CW: Great! Oh, Sushi!!! Yum!

Closer still! Yup! The Organizer now invited me personally! I can almost taste the victory of being on the list!

... two days ago...
Me: Hey, CW, did you see the latest email?
CW: The one about the Asian Fundraiser?
Me: Yea! I got the email!
CW: So you finally made the list!
Me: YES! Check it there! There I am... right there on the list! I'm so happy!
CW: Well that makes sense... you do have a Chinese daughter.
Me: I gotta go call my wife! Tell her I made the list!

YES! Its only taken over a year, and an adoption... but I FINALLY made the Chinese email List at work!

... yesterday ...
List Organizer (LO): Adrian! I'm so sorry!
Me: Huh? What?
LO: I didn't mean to add you to the list!
Me: You didn't?
LO: No! I'm so sorry. I accidentally added your name. You are not Chinese.
Me: So I... uh... I didn't make the list?
LO: Sorry.
*awkward silence*
Me: Oh. Ok. Um, that's fine. I guess, you know, I'm NOT Chinese after all...

Darn it! So close! SO CLOSE! *siiiiiiigh*

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