Saturday, June 26, 2010

Going to Winnipeg...

Ping: We go grandma grandpa?!
Me: *groggily* huh? What?
Ping: We go! We go Grandma and Grandpa!
Me: It's 4 in the morning! No. Go back to bed!
Ping: No go bed! Go Grandma Grandpa!
Me: Yes, we will go to see Grandma and Grandpa... but not yet.

... 3 minutes later ...

Ping: We go grandma grandpa?!
Me: No, not yet. Go back to bed.
Ping: I no bed. I no tired.
Me: Fine, then go play downstairs...

... 12 minutes later ...

Son #2 (S2): Daddy, is it time to go yet?
Me: What?! NO! Go get to bed!
S2: When do we leave?
Me: Soon. Around 5 or so.
S2: Okay...
Me: *thinking* Is there anyone standing just outside my door waiting to ask when we leave as well?
Dear Daughter #1 (DD1): Do I have to go back to bed too?
Me: Yes! Everyone go back to bed! We are not leaving for another hour! Its 4am!!!

... 1 hour later ...

Me: Alright, everyone in the van. I've got all the bags... we are on our way!

... 10 minutes later ...

Wife: Where are the muffins for the kids to eat for breakfast?
Me: Oh snap!
Wife: And why dosn't our DD1 have a coat?
Me: Uh... did I mention it was 4am when they woke me up?
Wife: Yes, so you should have had LOTS of time to all the stuff together!
Me: Boy, its a good thing I'm cute!
Wife: Not that cute...

... 15 minutes later ...

Me: Alright, its 5:45, you guys have 45 minutes to get checked in... Good luck!
Kids: Bye! Love you!

... 45 minutes later ...

Wife (email): ... problem with the check in line... can't get checked in.
Me (email): Uh-oh. Whats up?
Wife: Don't know. I'll keep you posted.
Me: 'K.

... 20 minutes later ...

Wife: ... missed the flight. Arrive Winnipeg 2 hours late!
Me: What?! Missed? Why?
Wife: Line made us miss the boarding.
Me: So what flight are you on?

... 2 hours later, I get the following picture sent to me ...

With the attached message, simply stating: "Montreal".

So there was my poor wife, dragging our 4 children all across Canada just trying to get them all to Winnipeg! And the kids I'm sure were going CRAZY cuz they just wanted to get to Winnipeg and see thier Grandmas + Grandpas.

Eventually the wife and children did show up in Winnipeg.
And yes, everyone got to meet Ping.
Apparently, its all going well... if not a little chaotic at the beginning.

So I'm stuck hanging out by myself for the next two weeks until they come back.

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