Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interesting Take on "Improvement"

Well isn't that just an adorable and cute picture of my two beautiful Princesses curled up in bed together. :-)

I think most parents would be more than thrilled if their children got along so well that they could curl up together and fall asleep... but when the back story kicks in, this picture is even more beautiful.

See, every night Ping still wakes up, scared... and comes running to our bed.
Most nights she still wakes me up, tries to get me to LEAVE the bed, so she can crawl into bed with just her Ma ma and not have to worry about the Yeti being there.
If I do happen to be sleeping on the edge of the bed, she will crawl in and cuddle up right next to her Mom and leave me alone... but if I come between her and her mother, oh boy... do I get an earful of Mandarin.*

However, this night, she woke up scared, and crawled into bed with her big sister.

That was amazing! Because it shows so much!

It shows a level of comfort she is developing, that she feels safe, she feels connected with her siblings, that she is starting to believe that she is part of the family, and so many other wonderful things which we've prayed she would learn.

So seeing them sleeping there together wasn't just a typical "Aaaaw, look how cute my children are" moment... to me it was so much more...

... it meant that finally, maybe, after the last 4 or so months, I will be able to get a good nights sleep! You know, without being woken up at 3am by a very angry little Mandarin yelling Yeti pushing Ma ma loving child. :-)

And to my Daughter #1 who helped make my pleasant sleep possible: good on ya, and thanks! :-)

* = The only time she really seems to speak Mandarin anymore is when shes yelling at me.

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