Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Needs a New Pair of... Bathrooms?

Once again, I find myself sucked into home renovations for our lovely daughter Ping.

Yes, now that Ping has a new kitchen, and windows... and doors... and... some other stuff... it was time for the all important "New Child Bathroom"! :-)

Yes'ir, ALL the great adoption books talk about the importance of having a New Bathroom for your adopted wonder! Old bathrooms just won't cut it.

A new bathroom will help in the bonding process...

Why just think of all the wonderful bathtub experiences you can share with your new child!
Yes, with a new bathroom for your adopted child, you two can participate in some of the most cherished Father-Daughter "Memory Building Moments"

Who can forget, the "1st Poo in a New Potty"!
Or, the "1st Bath in the New Bathtub"!
And then there is always, MY personal favorite, the "Lets Smear Moms Lipstick all Over the Floor" Memory!

HAHAHaahahaaa.... ahhh... good times. Good times. :-)

Yes, without this new wonderful bathroom (which albeit isn't done yet, so I'm just DREAMING of these wonderful Father-Daughter Memories about to happen), I would MISS all those wonderful things.

:-) Anyway, a big Thank YOU to Steve for helping... and when I say Helping, I really mean "doing everything". :-)

Oh, and yes, she was sitting there on the bed, "Managing" the construction... playing guitar. She gets that from her Mother. It may have taken us 12 years to figure out how to do Renovations together (Wife + I)... but its boiled down to my lovely Wife sitting on the couch, "encouraging me", while I do the work.

... and sadly no, "encouraging me" is NOT a euphemisms.

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