Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a difference a Few Weeks Make

Last night, me and my youngest beautiful daughter went our for some "Ba ba" time.

Every Wednesday night, I take out one of the children and go grab some Ice-Cream or Chocolate Cake just to have some quality "one on one" time with each kid. I love it, and the kids get Ice Cream...

This Wednesday, was Pings turn. And she knew it! She had been asking all week "Pings turn? Pings turn? No Gemma. No Dawson. No Kole turn. Pings Turn?" This was our 3rd time going out on our "date night", and what a difference from the 1st one!

  • Our 1st time out, she was not too sure about... well... anything. I'm not sure she trusted me, and it wasn't too long into our cake that she was already asking for Ma ma and wanting to go home.
  • The 2nd time out, was a better. No tears during the cake, had fun colouring on the menu... but when we left there were huge tears! Not over anything important... simple, she didn't understand that we had to "pay" before we could "leave". Now, I know enough Mandarin to explain to her that she had to "wait", and that we would in fact leave. We would go see Ma ma. And that I understood what she was telling me.

    It didn't matter.
    She cried.
    And cried.
    And cried.
I think it really came down to trust. We could communicate, but she just didn't trust that I would take her home, take care of her, meet what ever need she was having right then and there, or what-ever.

  • This 3rd time out tho, was absolutely great. We had our cake, laughing and chatting the whole time. When it came time to leave, yes, we had to pay... no she did not want to late. But this time, when I told her that she had to "wait", and that we would in face leave, and go see Ma ma (still all in Mandarin), she looked at me, said "Ok", settled back down into her seat, and continued colouring.

Ahhhh, sweet trust! Ping is finally getting to the place where even if she doesn't agree with my decisions, that she is "trusting" that it is the "right" thing for her.

See, I think last week she may have loved me when we went out, but that didn't mean that she felt safe, or that she trusted me. There are many people in our lives whom we choose to love, yet know that maybe they are not safe, and NOT necessarily the best people to trust.
  • I love my wife, but give her a big knife, and I don't trust her.
  • Thats just common sense.
  • I love my children, but I don't trust them with my car.
  • Again, common sense.
  • Love my cats, but I'm pretty sure they would kill me while I slept if I forgot to feed them...
Ping may have loved me last week, but not trusted me.
That was her common sense.
And really, who would trust someone they "just met" a few backs to take care of them...

So what did I have to do to earn Pings trust?
Well, nothing.
Nor could I do anything.
I could show her the most love,
the most care,
the most forgiveness,
but I could not make her love, nor trust me.
She had to choose that on her own.
I just needed her to loose her "common sense".

... but hey, thats how I got my wife as well. :-)

So here is to women with a "lack of common sense" and "poor judgement"!

Without you... I'd be a lonely-lonely man*.

* = albeit a lonely-lonely man who did NOT have to: Pick up his dirty socks, Help with the Laundry (which I forgot about this morning - sorry love!), Clean... (ever), Shower... (ever), etc. etc. etc.

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