Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Miss Potty Mouth (now with Video Goodness!)

Me: Hey, so Ping keeps saying something over and over again to me...
Co-Worker: What?
Me: Well, I donno. Its Mandarin... I think. Its not English. It sounds like "ba po la".
CW: Hmmmm... how is she saying it?
Me: She says it very forcefully, and then laughs her head off.
CW: Hmmmm... I don't know, it doesn't mean anything. Why don't you record it and bring it in.
Me: Aye, will do.

... a few days later, I take Ping out on one of our "date nights". While we sit there, talking, eating Chocolate Cake, she starts saying this "ba po la" and laughing. I grab the camera, and take a quick video of it (I should post the video later).

Me: Hey, when you've got a moment, I've got a video of Ping saying that "ba po la" thing.
CW: Great, let me see it.
Ping: BA PO LA!!! Ba ba BA PO LA! HAHAHahahahahahaha!
CW: Oh. *blushes* That means... no... she can't be saying that.
Me: What?! Whats she saying!?
CW: Its probably nothing.
Me: Oh no. Its something. Whats she saying!?
CW: Well... its kind of like... going to be bathroom.
Me: What?!
CW: Its a bad word, a girl her age should not be saying that. She must be saying something else.
Me: What?! My adorable cute little previous daughter is saying "you're SH*TTING me"?!
CW: No no... it probably is something else... I just... cant... think of anything else tho.
Me: Oh no, that makes sense...

... fancy flash back wavy screen thing again ...

Me: Ping, come have some supper! You'll love it!
Ping: Ba po la!

Me: Ping, come to bed.
Ping: Ba ba, ba po la!

Me: Hey, Daddy loves you!
Ping: Ba po la!

... end flash back ...

Me: ... I think you may have figured out what she was saying.


  1. oh my word! That's funny!
    She's a real tease it sounds like!

  2. You made me laugh out loud! That's awesome...well maybe not awesome, but definitely funny!

  3. Too Funny!

    Clara Rose says, "Gooo Peee!" Shouts it over and over again when she is angry or upset. It means dog fart and we were told it is equivalent to us saying BS.