Friday, February 5, 2010

I might be a little slow...

... but I'm figuring this Daddy thing out. :-)

I shaved this morning.

I know, its an interesting thought for me... I don't often shave.

But I did.

And oh my word, Ping was hunting me down for kisses!

Apparently, not only did she NOT like long hair, she did NOT like my permanent 5 o'clock shadow facial hair.

If ONLY she had given me a clue earlier that she did not like my long hair, or scruffy facial hair... instead I had to figure this ALL out on my own.

(insert really cool flashback type animation here, like where the screen goes all wavy and theres like "woo-tinkly-tinkly-woo" music playing)

10 Weeks Ago:
Co-Worker: *in Mandarin* Hi Ping! Do you like your new Ma ma and Ba ba?
Ping: *in Mandarin* I like my Ma ma. Ba ba has long hair. I don't like his long hair.

8 Weeks Ago:
Friend: *in Mandarin* So Ping, how do you like your new family?
Ping: No Ba ba no long hair.

6 Weeks Ago:
Me: Bye bye Ping, Daddy is going to work. Give me a kiss.
Ping: No kiss! No kiss! Owie! *rubs my scruffy cheeks* Owie!

4 Weeks Ago:
Me: Look Ping! I got my hair cut! Wu bu yow chung to fa!
Ping: Hug Ping!
Me: Ba ba kiss ping?
Ping: No kiss! Owie! *rubs my facial hair again*

2 Weeks Ago:
Ping: Whats dis? *pointing to my facial hair*
Me: Thats Daddys beard.
Ping: No. No Daddy beard. No Daddy long hair.

1 Week Ago:
Me: Good night Ping! Let me give you a kiss.
Ping: *hides under her covers* No kiss! OWIE! Yes hug!

Today 8am:
Me: Good morning Ping!
Ping: What dis? *points to my face*
Me: Daddy shaved. No hair!
Ping: Daddy KISS!
Me: Sure, Daddy can give you a kiss!

Today 8:15am:
Ping: Yes, kiss?
Me: Uh, sure.

Today: 8:20am:
Me: How is your breakfast Ping?
Ping: Daddy, kiss!
Me: Sure.

Today: 8:25am:
Me: Alright, I'm off to work. Good bye!
Ping: Daddy! NO! Yes KISS!
Me: Daddy would LOVE to give you kisses!
Ping: No one. This! *holds up her hand with all 5 fingers spread open*
Me: Oh you want 5 kisses?!
Ping: Yes! 5!
Me: Daddy would LOVE to give you 5 kisses!

Why are women SO complicated!
Why can't she just give me a SIGN as to what she wants... *siiiigh* :-)
It may take me a bit of time, but I'll figure out what she's thinking.


  1. AWWWWWWWWW! So proud of you Dada - giving all that hair up for your precious little Ping!

  2. Excellent and refreshing…