Thursday, January 14, 2010

School Busses and Half Hugs

There's really no stopping this girl! She wanted to goto School, and
she wants to go on the bus.

So as our precious little daughter climbs onto the bus, and heads off
to school, I am once again amazed by her determination and bravery.

Shes got guts! Thats for sure.

I'm pretty sure if I had enough Baccon, I could wrap her in it and
take her Bear wrestling with me! :-)

But more importantly, maybe, or at least, equally important, is her
desire to start to feel dependant on on us.

Coming home from work, I can see that she is starting to want to be
loved. And not in the typical 'bratty little sister' way. Its not
just jelousey. It is an honest desire to be feel loved.

I can see it in her eyes, as she gets excited when I come into the
door, and start to run towards me asking for a "hug". Yet, when she
actually starts to enter my arms, she immediately coils inward and
guards herself. But it is a start... its more than a start.

Yes, now she will stay in my arms, and let me hug her. She may slump
over to the side, to make sure I can't hug her too tight, but she will
stay in my arms. Shes started putting one arm around me, and I'm sure
soon, I will get my 1st whole Hug.

And it isn't that I want a Hug just for a hugs sake. I will just feel
so happy for her when she can feel safe enough to love openly and feel
vunerable - but not scared or fearful.


  1. Amazing!
    Adrian, you are sooo right - We are all so blessed and rich! We were amazed at how verbal she is on the phone. I loved the "I love you Grandma".
    She is in school - Amazing!
    Oh to know what is going on in her head and how she sees everything.

  2. I had a hard time with Sugar attaching to 3 1/2 months later the back of all my tops are stretched from her following me everywhere....she might be behind me for 1/2 an hour and want a hugs cause she misses me....only cause she couldn't see my face standing behind me! LOL...It will come and you'll hear the pitter patter of little feet following you when you least expect it. She is such a cutie, and so so brave to be heading to school already!