Friday, January 1, 2010

Refrigerator Art

In the previous post, I had a couple of pictures of some of the art we brought back from China.
Here are some more pictures from China another amazing Chinese Artist. :-)

The other day, I sat at the dining room table talking with the Wife when we watched Ping toddle into the kitchen with picture in hand, go to the frig, yammer away something in Mandarin.

We may not have been able to understand what she was saying, but we could see how proud she was! Her face beamed a huge smile as she held up her work of art, and then pointed to the frig.

We nodded, as if to answer her question, and she stuck her picture on the frig with a magnet. She stood back, smiled one more time, pointed at it, and again yammered something in Mandarin, which I can only assume was "Look at me! Look what I did! Isn't it pretty!?".

We ooooh'd and ahhhhh'd over her and her picture, and she turned and toddled away laughing and obviously very proud of herself for making it onto the frig... ;-)

Now thats all good and well... very beautiful, I think a symbol of her integrating with the family and wanting to be just like her siblings who have lots of pictures on the frig... but theres a deeper story here. Yes, maybe it all about the love and acceptance... but then again, it might just be about something else...

Wife: We need a new frige.
Me: For the new Kitchen?
Wife: Yup.
Me: The one for Ping.
Wife: Yup.
Me: But we just bought a new fridge when we moved here, its only like 4 years old. And its big, and shiny with stainless steel and all that good stuff.
Wife: Yup, but we need a new one.
Me: But there is nothing wrong with the old one. Its not even old yet.
Wife: Okay, fine... your right, our fridge is fine.
Me: Good.

... wife... thinking...

... me... feeling of impending doom...

Wife: We need a 2nd frige!
Me: What? Why!
Wife: To refrigerate stuff.
Me: Right.
Wife: And I want it white!
Me: But then it wont match our stainless steel shiny one.
Wife: Oh?! Really?! You're right! I guess we're gonna have to replace that too then!
Me: So we're getting two friges now?
Wife: Yup! And we're gonna get these ones!
Me: You have them picked out already.
Wife: Yup! Our friends helped!
Me: Your friends. None of my friends would have helped pick out a frige.
Wife: See, these pretty ones here, with the curved doors and all pretty.
Me: My friends would have said "Oh no, you don't need a frige! Here, let me help you pick out a big screen TV!"
Wife: And look, there is the matching Freezer!
Me: We're getting a freezer too? Here, look in the flyer, what about these really cost effective refrigeration solutions right there!
Wife: They are ugly.
Me: Its a frige. It dosnt have to look pretty.
Wife: Your frige says alot about you.
Me: Yes, in my case, I think its saying "Oh look! I still dont have a Big Screen TV!"
Wife: It needs to be inviting, and pretty...
Me: With 52" inches of high def glory!
Wife: ... clean lines, and yet somehow, country-ish.
Me: You know its just gonna get covered in pictures and no one is gonna see it anyway. Theres gonna be crafts taped to it, pictures stuck on it with magnets, and grubby little finger prints everywhere else. Just buy some cheap one and we will cover it over with the kids stuff and it will look pretty, inviting and country-ish.
Wife: You are such a moron.

But lo! I provide the following picture as evidence! And the sad part is, that less than 48 hours ago, the whole frige was cleaned off by a little cute one who pulled EVERYthing off... so thats just a 48 hours build up. But next week, we will have to dig our way into the fridge.

So I think the deeper story here, is that I was right!

Thank you. :-)

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