Saturday, January 9, 2010

Attachment and Ping

Well, here is a quick update on Ping's Attachment.
Ping has met quite a few people now, and often asks for them. Sometimes, she will wind up crying because she can't talk to someone, or see someone that she wants to. So, I'm gonna run down a quick list of people she seems to be attaching to. :-)
1) Ma ma ... pretty obvious. She LOVES her Ma ma.
2) Ge ge Kole. Next to Ma ma, her big brother comes a close second.
3) Gemma and Dawson are right there as well. She is very well connected with the family and loves running thought the house, causing ruck-as with the best of them.
4) Would have to be, Pastor Kim ( Auntie Kim ). Now, this should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Pastor Kim. I've never really met anyone like her. Pastor Kim is the Pied Piper to Children as Piper was to Rats... only, you know, with less "leading them out of town and off cliffs". Recently, I was at the church with my gaggle of offspring, and they were all running around, being loud, noisy, and generally childish... as children are prone to do. Pastor Kim comes walking though the room, and all 4 children line up single file and start following her away without making a sound or breaking rank. They do love thier Pastor Kim. :-)

Pastor Kim and her Ping, or, Ping and her Auntie Kim
5) Deborah... now, Deb was a bit of a Dark Horse in the attachment department. I know I was attached to Deb, but that was cuz she makes good food and feeds me from time to time. But Ping for some reason, took a real liking to her as well. It MIGHT have had something to do with the painting of nails, application of make up and other such girl-y type events.

Ping and her Deborah
6) Grandma + Grandpa! Well, a couple of weeks ago, Ping got to talk to Grandma on the telephone, and when Grandma had to go, you should have SEEN the tears! Oh she bawled for probably 20 minutes straight after she had to get off the phone. Now, almost every day she asks to talk to Grandma on the phone! And she is so proud to have a Grandma! She even told me that it was "Pings Grandma. No Kole. No Dawson. No Gemma. Pings Grandma."
After Grandma/Grandpa, there are various other people...
... co-workers and friends whom she has met... but the list goes on...
126) The Rock in the front yard. She loves this rock... donno why... can't tell you.
267) Her belly button lint...
442) Daddy... maybe... on a good day. ;-) Kidding! We're doing great now. She loves playing with me and the bedtime routine is always entertaining as she likes to hide... and run away... and have Daddy chase her. So its all good. :-)

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  1. Ahhhhhh so beautiful! It really is miraculous how quickly she has adjusted.

    I love Ping with all my heart, as I do all the Berzengji kids!!

    I really love that Ping knows how much I love her already. It's like when she looks into my eyes, she sees that I "see" her and I "get" her.

    A lifelong bond has been formed....looks like your stuck with me Ade - lol! Guess I better make you some food so you'll like me as much as you like Deborah : )