Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dream On


to: me
I read a few posts that Aerosmith are definitely looking for a new singer. Looks like Tyler finally lost his marbles.. Sorry Ade..


to: Mike
Oh no! Its ALL good! This is my big break! :-) I'll just swoop in as the new Lead Singer and all is good! They have high speed internet in Hollywood right?


Dreams, well, what are they? We all have 'em. I know I do... or did... or something.

And although I have come to terms with the fact that I probably will never be the lead singer for Aerosmith, there are some other dreams which I've been a little stubborn to let go of.

I've wanted a good wife, good family, good job, etc... I'm still waiting on the good wi... er, job.

Adoption was a big dream of ours, and one which we refused to let go of. There were many things which made it seem like that dream was "too big", or "too hard"... I'm pretty sure there is a verse in the Bible about all things being possible with "someone" helping out... hmmm... guess I won't argue with the Bible.

My question to myself upon hearing the news of Aeromsith, was (besides the obvious, "how do I get the lead singer role") thus: What are Pings Dreams.

Did she have a dream to be adopted?
And if so, are we the dream she was having?
A hairy Yeti from Northern Manitoba I'm guessing was not her 1st choice in her dream family.

Was there disappointment for her when she saw a "white family" come to adopt her?
Did she feel like "Great, 1.3 BILLION people in China, and NO-ONE wanted me... I got these yahoos... and a Yeti."

(In truth, I believe it was that God had to hide her beauty from 1.3 BILLION people so that she would be free for us...)

Dreams are funny, because, no matter how you plan them, sometimes God knows best, and our dreams may not be the same as his dreams for us. But one thing I've learned is that Gods Dreams are in the end, always better than our Dreams.

Sometimes we dream in spaces confined by our own understanding, or lack there of. Sometimes, we dream small dreams, when we should have BIG dreams. And other times we don't dream at all.

I'm not sure if I was the answer to my daughters dreams, but I know that I'm working hard to make sure that she knows that she was the answer to mine.

I figure God will work out the rest.

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