Monday, January 25, 2010

Daddys Shoes

Me: OW! What the ...?! Hey, WHO put the Lego Blocks in my Shoe?!
Daughter #1: *giggle* I did! *giggle*
Me: What?! Why? I thought we stopped putting stuff in my shoes a long time ago?

Yes, a few months back... maybe even a couple of years back, the kids used to put stuff in my shoes, so every morning when I put them on, there would be SOMETHING in there. Of all the stuff I've had stuffed in my shoes for me to find in the morning, I've had:
  • Lego Blocks
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Stickers
  • Balls
  • Toy Cars
  • Barbie Dolls
  • etc...

Its amazing what kids find to do, to make their parents laugh. And its amazing how the simplest most obscure and mundane tasks, can become some of the deepest most meaningful bonds between a parent and child.

D#1: Nope, its part of my chores!
Me: Part of your chores?
D#1: Un-huh! *applies cute face to Daddy*
Me: Your chores are picking up the toys, putting away the shoes, and hanging up the coats.
D#1: ... and putting stuff in your shoes!
Me: I see... good to know.

... fast forward many more "things in my shoes", as I'm getting ready for work one morning ...

Me: OW! Hey! Its another ... what is that? PLAY-DOUGH!?
D#1: *giggles*
Me: Did you put this in my shoe?
D#1: *points to Ping* Nope.
Me: Piiiiiing, did YOU put this in my shoe?
Ping: *giggles* Yes Daddy!
Me: Are you just saying Yes Daddy?
Ping: *laughs* Yes Daddy!
Son #2: Ping put that in your shoe Dad, I saw her.

Its also amazing how those same bonds between parent and child can be shared by all siblings. Here, Ping, is trying her best to fit in with the family. And like a GOOD big Sister, D#1 took it upon herself to TEACH Ping how to stuff Daddy's shoes with "Stuff".

And that is amazing!

Give D#1 full marks for sharing. D#1 had to go from no sister, and no competition for Mommy and Daddy, to instant competition and a sister who is still learning the basics of Sharing. Now D#1 started showing (and sharing) Ping something special, something that D#1 shared between her and her Daddy, and she gave that to Ping. So that BOTH of my Princesses could stuff things into my shoes.

... fast forward a little while more ... getting ready for Church yesterday...

Me: OKAY! WHO put stuff in my Shoes THIS time?!
D#1: It wasn't me! *points to Ping*
Me: Ping... did you put THIS in my shoe?! *pull out Mickey Mouse Playing Cards*
Ping: *giggles*
Me: Well? Ping?
D#1: (very serious and point of fact) Oh that. Oh no. That was me. *laughs*

I love the stuff crammed into my shoes every morning. I know that my girls work very very hard at stuffing some of those things waaaaay down in there. Like, the teddy bear stuffed all the way down into the toe of my boot... I sear, they probably had to use the plunger to get it down in there...

And I'm going to miss these sorts of things when they out-grow them. These are the little things that no-one else gets to have with our children. These are some of the things which make us a family. The little things that no one else ever gets to see or experience... but we get to treasure forever. And hopefully, one day, tell at their weddings to embarrass them.

I'm glad that Ping is doing stuff to fit into the family... but I donno... maybe they could do some stuff to their Mother for a change?

Naaaah, who am I kidding. I love it.

Although, they *could* lay off the cold, wet hands on my back in the morning to wake me up...

PS: I'll try to post some pictures later, I just don't have any on me right now.


  1. Ahhhhhhh the fun that I have to look forward to. I hope that Clarissa hides stuff in my shoes!!!! Right now she brings me stuff that I don't really want...and she runs away with stuff that I do want....and laughs at me.

  2. This is good, very good...


  3. Silly update to this (which no one is going to read), but at work last week, I had taken my shoes off... why? I can't remember. But I did. Probably because its like 57deg Celcius in our room. But anyway, my shoe was off.

    Then I heard my co-worker ask me, "what is on your foot?"

    What I hadn't realized is that the girls... lovely little creatures that they are... stuffed my shoes with stickers! And I had a couple of bug Barbie Stickers hanging off my socks! Gah! :-)

  4. LOL at the Barbie stickers at work!