Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love The Way...

So, watching my new daughter for the past couple of weeks, I've noticed some very cute behaviors.

For instance, she would watch me from a distance, but pretend to not be watching me. But what I did, she did.
Or if her sister crawled up on my lap, she would crawl up on Ge Ge's lap.
I noticed the 'eyes' she would give me, as if to say "Daaaaaad, you're embarassing me!"
Or the way she wakes up at 2am, crawls into our bed, will snuggle in with me (presumably to keep warm since I'm "Warm and fuzzy") only to get out of bed the moment I wake up and smile at her... that sends her running! :-)

I started playing around on the guitar just having some fun, and the result was the following video. Really, just a collection of observations I've noted put quickly to some music.

Really, it was just audio... but I donno how to upload audio to blogger yet, so I added some pictures. Then after I added some pictures, I decided to try to sync it to music... and well... its 2:51am now...

So here, enjoy... I doubt you will be able to understand the lyrics since I'm mumbling and trying to play a "muted" guitar sound as to not wake everyone up... at 2:52am now.

Uh, so lyrics (since you probably won't be able to pick them out):

Love the way, you furrow your brow
As if I couldn't love you some how.
I love the way, you twirl your hair
When you're a little, unsure of yourself.

So let me hold you, while your sleeping.
Kiss you one time, before I wake up, and find out
That you are gone.

Love the way, you say my name
When you don't think, I'm listening to you.
I love the way, you smile at me
When I'm acting, a little crazy.

So hold me one time, while I'm sleeping.
Kiss me one time, before I wake up, and find out
That you are gone.


  1. Wooaahh Bravo Adrian, This is brilliant !!! Your song is great and your voice sounds like theses italian singers (Umberto Tozzi or Eros Ramazzoti). Excellent !!! If you're looking for a producer, we can discuss it...


  2. Adrian!!!!!! That is spectacular dude! Looooove it. I can see a smokin' solo after the second verse. Need a drummer?

    It really is something that I would throw in the cd player. I need to get a copy for my drives to and from work.

  3. Oh....forgot to ask....Can I have your autograph????? :-)

  4. Video's not available.... Firewalled?

  5. You really are amazing. Your children are so blessed to have you for a dad. - Teri

  6. Fran: Thanks.

    Rob: Drummer would be awesome! I can fake it on most instruments, but not on drums... I'm far to white. :-) Autograph?!? This would be the least of the reasons to ask me for an autograph...

    Mike: Yes, firewall. Bah!

    Teri: Yes, well, I think they are pretty lucky to have me. I think my wife is pretty lucky too. ;-) But I'm probably still the luckiest of them all.

    Kim: Thanks. :-)