Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's only Ketchup!?

This weekend, I took Ping to Wendy's for the 1st time with the other Children...

Me: Here you all go... eat up!
Ping: 什么是这.
Me: That, oh, thats Ketchup.
Ping: ca tee shup.
Me: Yup.
Ping: Ohhhhh... 我的爸爸是蠢人.
Me: You eat it.
Me: No, not drink... eat.
Ping: 一个大蠢人.
Me: No, put it down! Look, take a french fry, put it in the ketchup, and eat it.
Me: No, don't just lick the Katchup off!
Me: No, don't lick the inside of the ketchup cup!
Me: No, don't dunk your finger in there and lick it!
Ping: 妈妈正确.
Me: Yeargh!

There she sat, totally enthralled with the Ketchup! I guess maybe she had never had it before... I didn't see alot of ketchup in China.

She started off OK, dipping her french frys in it, like her siblings... but it quickly devolved into her trying to sip the ketchup out of the little ketchup holder! It was so cute.

When she finally did get to the end, she started squeezing the little container trying to get every last ounce out. I reached over, took the licked clean ketchup cup from her and returned briefly with a new full cup.

Well! You should have SEEN the look on her face!

Its like I cured CANCER or something!

Her face lit up!
Her hands started clapping!
She started giggling and bouncing in her seat!

She consumed that little cup of Ketchup and held it up: Ee ger? (one more?) Ee ger baba?! Hai yow ma!

You should have see her each time I returned with a new cup of ketchup that she was SO excited! It was like there was a magical fountain that just kept giver her ketchup, and it was beyond her wildest dreams!

Ketchup a side (get it?! I pulled a Nat!), it really was just a reminder of how her thinking and past experiences effect her every day.

It probably never occurred to her that she could ask for "more ketchup".
Maybe there never was "more" where she came from.
It's this mind set of scarcity that she still has to work though, and move into a mind set of abundance.

There will be an abundance of love, hugs, kisses... ... of encouragement, and prayer, hope and grace.

I don't care if we never have an abundance of ketchup, but I do want her to learn that there will always be an abundance of love and room for her in our family.

If the abundance of ketchup was an eye opener to her... whats the rest going to look like to her?


  1. What a wonderful day you all had! Extrodinary in the ordinary...

  2. So good. The concept of More. Of Provision. Great thoughts. Amazing to see in real life isn't it? Not to mention that ketchup makes everything better. :)

  3. What a great story Adrian!! Thanks for sharing it.

    Wait until she meets mustard.....I mean afterall it IS the superior condiment isn't it??? ;-)

    Abundance of love, and an abundance of mustard....now THAT'S what it's all about!!! he he

  4. It's good, - all good. My side hurts from laughing