Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Pagent!

Church today - typical manger type scene to make all the parents oogle
over thier children and how cute they are...

So yea, we had two little angels today. ;-) Aren't they cute!?

Oh so cute!

... not as cute as little sheppard girls... but still... pretty cute.

(Oh, those are patches of exema(?) on her cheek and chin, we've got some cream)


  1. Simply adorable! I was back stage and when the camera panned across the stage and I saw Ping singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" I totally lost it!

    Beautiful beyond words!!!

  2. Fantastic pictures Adrian. Very cute angels indeed. I'm too tired after chasing around my own little angel all day to comment on each one, so I'll just add that they are all great posts and pictures today.

  3. I love the last picture. Gemma is GORGEOUS. I absolutely love her eyes and smile. Good jjob on the hair. Ping is so teeny tiny next to her. Very cute. Lexi

  4. Amazing - just incredible
    I love the way that Ping feels secure & safe enough to try all these different things as long as she is with her big sister!
    Gemma, what a great sister you are.
    I love the way you look at and after Ping.
    We love all of you,
    Grandma Kathie & Grandpa Paul

  5. Love the pictures!
    It is so great that Ping feels so secure & safe and that she is so adventuresome to try new things as long as she is with her big sister!
    Gemma, you are a great sister.
    We love you all and wish you a Blessed Christmas.
    Grandma Kathie & Grandpa Paul