Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today was a Gooder Day

----- LAST WEEK -----

Look at how cute and innoicent they are when they are sleeping! Oh,
its wonderful!

You wouldnt think that for the first two or three days of our adoption
that she thought it would be a great idea to "not like" Daddy.

Its amazing how often I have heard the term "bu yow!" in the first 72
hours of our adoption.

Its reminding me of something... Oh yes!

Hello Rejection... my old friend. How you been?

All those years and failed attempts of courting my wife are FINIALLY
coming in handy! Yup, after 5 years of getting shot down on a daily
basis, all the experience is finally coming in handy. :-)

I know that Ping needs to try to have at least a little bit of control
in a world where all control and famailarity have been ripped away in
a very short time frame.

Shes getting along GREAT with Kole.
And she lights up and smiles as her Ma ma everytime she enters the room.
But with me, its a "look, but don't touch" relationship right now.

... and sometimes, don't even look. :-)

But thats OK.

I'll wear her down...
I wore her mother down...
I can be very persistent...

I'm also glad that if she had to choose someone to play strange with,
it was me. I woudln't want her to be scared of her mom, or her


Now however, all is great. Ping is asking for Ba ba, and holding my
hand, playing on my lap, asking to go for walks...

I'd like to say that I won her over with my wonderful parenting
skills, and charm, maybe with a touch of charisma thrown in... but I
think it may have been the Snickers bar I bought her. :-)

Don't you judge me! :-)


  1. *phew* Thank goodness - it's a huge change for Ping, so I'm glad she has opened up to you.

    What is she sleeping in? Looks tiny!

  2. I'm not surprised, she had to choose someone , and unfortunatly it was you Adrian. Don't worry and be patient even if it must be painful, it's gonna pass...

    Fran & Terry

  3. Cheeky rejected my husband at first, too. As a matter of fact, almost every little girl in our travel group preferred mom to dad. For Cheeky, Dad was a great play thing, but she didn't want to hold his hand, give him kisses or hugs or acknowledge him when he spoke to her.

    In the end, he won her over with ice cream. Personally, I say whatever works!

  4. "Always kiss your children goodnight, every night, even if they're already asleep." What a beautiful picture. Russ would tell you that all kids go through a "mommy phase" Ping is getting it out of the way early! Has she ever been around a man in a loving, care giving position before or are you blessed with being the first that she can remember? - Teri

  5. I believe Ping is a very open little girl.I'm so glad you won her so quickly.