Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More China Pictures

More pictures.
Notice the carvings on the walls, and doors and such.
Its all so very symbolic.
The carvings are done in stone, brick, wood, and the smaller ones on
display are done in bone.
Amazing stuff!
The carved ball is a "friendship" ball... or happiness ball... or
something. Anyway, its all carved out of one peice of ivory - they
carve it from the inside out. The ball in the picture had something
like 43 layers carved into it... and the can all rotate around,
because they are balls carved within a ball. Its crazy. I don't get
it. But its 43 layers, thin thin thin layers, all decorative layers
as well!

Crazy... how could a county so talented in design and craftsmenship
design something as exquisit as a 43 layer friendship ball, but not
have created a better eating utensil than a CHOP STICK in over 3000


On he plus side, I've lost almost 10 pounds this trip...

... can someone please send me a fork?


  1. Now you can feel how heavy the history is. Something better than chop stick, yeah, sorry man for the weight loss:-)

  2. Did you know that when I sit down at the computer for the first time in a day the first thing I do is check your blog for updates!?! What an amazing trip you're having. The photos will be a wonderful keepsake for your daughter as she grows (please be sure to keep your commentary with them, she'll love them in years to come.) Thanks for sharing with us. - Teri

  3. Why didn't you raid Grandmother's purse? You know she had to have extras in there. ;)

    It's fun reading your version of the trip. Hope you and Roberta survived in good shape. I know all your kids will be thrilled to be home together with you all.