Sunday, November 15, 2009

Its the nothings... like Showering

Now, I'm not a big man.
Now am I small either.
Definitely not what you would call a giant.
But I think I'm learning how Goliath would have felt...
... you know, only, a little less "rock to the forehead"... and probably better hygene.

Anyway, I was trying to take a shower this morning, and kept hitting my head on the shower head!  

I guess the showers at the hotel, were built for people under 5'10".  :-)

Not that this is really important in any way shape or form... 
This is really, a nothing issue.

... but it was a quick little reminder that EVERYTHING our daughter knows, is about to change (and change in about 16 hours or so).  

Not just the big things.
And not just the little things.
But also the nothings.

... like the height of the shower head.

... and how it really hurts to whack the back of your head in the same place 42 times in a row.


  1. I'm not surprise !! It makes me laugh to see that what we always said about the chinese people being small is true !!!

    Fran & Terry

  2. Oh so funny Adrian! I pray that her processing things will be done at ease. Children are easily adaptable but its good to know that you are all sensitive to what she knows and what she is about to go through.
    Thanks for sharing all what you guys are going through. Really puts it in perspective.