Friday, November 13, 2009

Hanna Montanna is Ruining My China Trip!

Yeargh!  Work up somewhere around 1:30am China time last night.
Killer headache!
I had just assumed that my massive headache was because of my lack of coffee over the last 48 hours.
Such is the like of a coffee junkie.
Its normally like this on Sunday evenings, after I've lasted the whole weekend without Coffee.
Thankfully, Monday morning comes... and coffee is restored... and the head calms.

But this... this is different.  
Normally my Coffee deprived brain feels like a ship tossed out on the open seas.
Tossling to and fro, heaving and bending.  
Groaning under the weight of itself as it tries to come to terms with an angry sea.

But this... no... this is more like a weedwhacker has been set loose in the deepest creveces of my brain.

What is this that I hear going on in my head?!  Party In The USA by Miley Cirus?!
Well, that explains the Weed-Whackering feeling in my head.

Now... to put and end to this...

I stumble out of bed, crawl across the darkened room (did you know you can't turn on the Hotel lights without your key card?  Huh.), drag myself to concesiousness and down a 1/2 bottle of water before trying to stagger back to my bed... all while cursing Disney and that Billy Rae Cirus hack who managed to spawn Miley. 

On my adventure back to my bed, I stubbed my toes in the dark, and figure my wife is going to have to carry me UP the GreatWall of China now... 

... all because some silly Milley Cirus was stuck in my head.


  1. Actually, I think the whole key-card does room lights thing is pretty smart. Means you don't lose your keycard or forget to take it with you 'cause it's sitting right by the door. First saw this in Finland. They do that here in South Korea, too.

    Now, having to deal with the keycard thing because you have a Hannah Montana song stuck in your head is totally wrong no matter what continent you are on!

  2. Wow, the pictures are so cool. So excited for you. Enjoy your time there. I hope your headache subsides and you can feel somewhat normal again. If Roberta has to carry you, I want to see pictures of that:-)

    Jen Lockhart