Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Day Gone... whatever day that was...

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 2:19 PM, Mike wrote:

Come on! You can't reply to emails and not tell us anything about the trip! Are they censoring you???? ;)

Ha, no... no censoring.  Yet.  Althogh there is a PRC Solider standing behind me watching me type.  :-)

Trip is going great.  We are in GuangZhou now - which really is a paradoxial city.  There seems to be some money in this region, however, parts of the city seem to be crumbling away.  I posted some pictures on the blog last night, this morning, whenever, about 20 of 'em.  You can see some of the city from them - and these are the pretty parts by the expensive hotels along the water front.  

It was most interesting walking though the town, even 1 block away from the hotel and it changes into tiny little alley ways, with "stores" about the size of one of our cubicals at work.  

And in there, there are stores which just sell one thing... but stacked to the roof.  All door knobs, or all fruit, or all vinyl siding, hinges, bamboo shafts, woven hats, hand bags, shoes, etc...  Really interesting, and crazy... but in a good way.

And although for the most part, we are the only non-asians we can see, I don't feel out of place.  I'm not sure if its pure delusion on my part, and I'm just so darned happy to be in China that I figure I DO belong here, or if it is because people are so inviting... which ever the reason, it feels great to be here in China.  Or, it may just be the 7-11s which always feel like home.  :-)

Except for this taste left in my mouth... kind of a sticky sweat, yet yucky feeling.  And I think its coated my teeth and tongue as well.  It may be diesel fumes... I'm not sure.   :-)

Oh and the FOOD is awesome!  Like... REAAAAALY awesome!  And it kind of sneaks up on you...

Me:  What?  Only two plates of food?!  Pfffffbth... theres like 8 of us.  
Food:  You just wait... 
Me:  What?  Wait for what?  I'm gonna eat you...
Food:  You may eat me, but there will be others to avenge me.
... sure enough, some more food arrives...
Me:  Another 2 plates!  Sure!  Why not, we finished off the last.
Food:  Don't get over confident you white devil!
Me:  You ain't got NUT'n!  Nut'n you hear me!
Food:  You shall PAY for your lack of respect!
... a little white later ...
Me:  Whooaa... okay, 6 plates on the table now?  No worries, we've still got you out numbered!  There are 8 of us!
Food:  Yes, but you are forgetting the 4 plates which have already fallen for our cause!
Me:  Right, thats like 10 plates of food!  Guys... ummm... I think we should stop ordering more food.
Others:  What?!  Theres only like 6 plates left!  Waiter!  More Bao sur!
Food:  This is going to end badly for you all!  MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!
... a little while later ...
Me:  HELP!  I can't see the table or feel my legs!
Food:  There are now 22 of us on the table!  Where is your stumach now?!
Me:  No more!  No MORE!  I don't feel so good...

And thats really how it happens... the food just kind of sneaks up on your, and before you know it, you are drowning in an avalanche of dumplings, sweat and sour pork and other stuff that I havne't quite identified yet... nor do I want to.  :-) 

As for today, we are going to leave for ZhongShan - where Ping is from.  Try to get some pictures of the Orphanage (outside) and the Finding Spot - where they found her.  Should be a great but emotional day... but then again, they ALL have been great, yet emotional days.  :-)

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  1. I so want to be there with you! We are waiting, and hoping, and your photos and blog is making me cry...I want to go back so bad! Eva Fu says Hi, to her new friend from China! Although she doesn't know you, she follows along in pictures, and one day she will get to go back. Blessings to you. Welcome to your little girl...and enjoy your amazing experience!