Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adventures in Eating with Yulin: Part 1

Yulin:  We go to Seafood restaurant tonight!
Wife:  Oh yay!  I love seafood.
Yulin:  Very fancy, very nice.  Who wants to come?

The whole group thinks this is a good idea at this time, so the 3 famalies all head off following Yulin to the seafood restaurant.

When we got there, the main floor looked like a Pet Store!  There were tanks of live fish, eels, chickens, other birds, even Crocodiles!  

Fellow Adoptive Father #1:  Wow, look at all those fish!  Oh, theres one on the floor!

Ahhh!!  Flop little buddy!  Flop!  The river is only on the other side of the street!  My mind races back to the Climax of Finding Nemo where little Nemo dose everything in his power to try to escape the Fish Tank and make it back to the ocean to find his Dad!  What a beautiful moment!  This little rock sucker can almost taste the freedom!  All of a sudden my misty eyed moment is interupted as a restaurant worker swoops in, picks the fish up and tosses him back into a tank... poor little Nemo.  There will be no Happy Ending to his story.

Me:  So, Yulin, how dose the restaurant work?
Yulin:  You look what you like here, order it, then they cook it and bring it to you.
Me:  Those chickens?
Yulin:  Yes.
Me:  And those crabs?  Lobster?
Yulin:  Yes, yes.
Me:  And aren't those endangered soft leather back turtles?
Yulin:  This I don't knnow.
Me:  The Crocodile?
Yulin:  Yes.
FAF #1:  Ah, Yulin, I think we are going to go...  we're gonna go eat at the Hotel Restaurant.
Yulin:  Oh?  Why?
FAF #1:  Uh, well, you know, my 9 year old daughter here, she ah... she wants to be a Vet when she grows up.  You know, to save animals lives.
Yulin:  Oh?  But these crocodiles are found in the sewer, not free crocodiles.
FAF #1:  Yeeeeah, and... well... she just realised whats happening here to these animals.  So, shes crying... alot.
Yulin:  Ok, you go.
Fellow Adoptive Grandmother #2:  Pst, hey, hey you.  I'm not sure about eating here.  Do you wanna go back to the hotel as well.
Me:  Hey, how often are you in China!  I'm going for it!
Yulin:  Okay, they do back.  Anyone else want to go back?

... awkward silence for a moment or two...

Yulin:  Okay!  We order food!

So, I'm still not to sure of what I ate that night.  But it was good.

Things that I DO know I have eat'n while in China are Otter and Crocodile.  Even Ge Ge Kole ate the Crocodile!  I'm pretty proud of him...  


  1. What a nightmare !!! You're so brave but in the same time , I would have done the same, you're not in China everyday, so try new things and embrace the culture !!


  2. Even in China, Cantonese are considered a little crazy as for their eating. Many years ago, I was in a GuangZhou restraunt. The chief cut the viper's head in live in front of me. Then he cooked it. I ate it. I didn't feel anything special. Just the soft meat. But I am sure I won't try again:-)