Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adrian (and Son#1) VS the Great Wall

Tour Guide: So there are two sides to the Great Wall. Both are
Great. The Right Side, is challanging. The Left Side is MORE
Me: Whooo-hooo! Left side! Left Side! If Rob can do it, I'm SO
gonna take the left side!
Son#1: Uh, Dad, are you SURE thats a good idea?
Me: Bah! When I was your age I BUILT walls bigger than this JUST to
climb them! This will be a peice of CAKE!
Son#1: They said its like 4000kms long.
Me: No problem! We can do it!
Son#1: I'm not sure this is a good idea.
Wife: Oh go on with your father, someone is going to have to carry
him back down. I'll go up the Right side with Ping.

... a little while later ...

Me: See! Isn't this FUN!
Son#1: Yea! This is AWESOME!
Me: And we're TOTALLY gonna make it to the top!

... a little whilte later ... again ...

Me: Oh Look! Some stairs! That will make things easier!

... a little whilte later ...

Me: Why are there so MANY darned stairs!
Son#1: I'm gonna KILL who ever built these stairs!
Me: I don't think you can, I'm pretty sure they are dead already.
Son#1: Then I'm gonna dig 'em up, bring em back to life, just so I
can kill them!

... a little while later ...

Me: Go on son! Go one without me! I'm old and weak! You still can
have a full life without me!
Son#1: Sure.
Me: WHAT?! You're not supposed to leave your DYING father! Get back here!

... a little while later ...

Me: Whose silly idea was the LEFT side! I blame you!
Son#1: It was YOUR idea Dad!

... it pretty much went like that for about a 1/2 hour... but we DID
make it to the top, and we DID get the medal for making it.

It was amazing! Just to see the wall! To stand on the Wall! To see
it snake through the mountains... so majestic. Can't wait to go back.

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  1. Oh MY!!!!

    I can hear that happening to my husband and our son!!


    Chances are, I will hear that self-same thing when we go, and it will be deja vu, but not. lol.