Friday, October 23, 2009

Gifts for the Orphanage

I know my wife has dug up a bunch of interesting ideas for Orphanage gifts, from Cleft Pallet Bottles to Canadian Whiskey. I was talking to a buddy the other day about our upcoming trip to China, and mentioned that we were in the process of tracking down some gifts for the Orphanage...

Buddy: So where are you with the whole process? Are you getting your bags packed yet?
Me: Well, no. Kind of. The wife is starting to organize stuff... like getting gifts lined up for the Orphanage and stuff.
Buddy: Oh, so is that part of the agreement? To bring gifts?
Me: Not really. I mean, most people do seem to bring gifts. But I think its just a natural instinct.
Buddy: *munching on some chicken wings* Ghuwhy?
Me: I think its the realization that any one of those children could have been my child. You really, or at least I really wound up feeling like all the kids at the orphanage are some how connected with our story now.
Buddy: Muha, das coul.
Me: Also, these children are not just nameless children waiting to be adopted. These children have been my daughters friends and family for the last 4 years.
Buddy: *chowing down on some nachos now* Ay, we mhen err wol ufe!
Me: Yea, her whole life! Not just 4 years, all her life. So you just WANT to take care of them.
Buddy: mmmmm...
Me: Are you agreeing with me, or are the nachos just that good? Anyway, some things there can be hard to find, or expensive for the orphanage to get...
Buddy: ah ze.
Me: But whats really cool is that the wife contacted the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and asked if we could purchase some Cleft Lip Bottles to help feed the babies with cleft lip, and CHEO was like, "Yea, for sure! We will get you 2 boxes of bottles! But you don't need to buy them, we would love to just donate them to the Orphanage!".
Buddy: *finally stops eating* Cool! Thats awesome! So what else are you bringing for gifts then?
Me: Some Canadian Whiskey.
Buddy: *munch munch munch* Hiskey?!
Me: Hey, I'm not gonna judge. I've never been stuck with 500+ children to watch all at once! Darn it, if they want Whiskey, they are gonna get Whiskey! Man, with 3 kids sometimes I'm thinking I need a Whiskey.

So yea, we're gathering up stuff to bring to the Orphanage, and am super proud of our CHEO who are so graciously donating 2 boxes of bottles!

Makes me proud to be Canadian. :-)

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