Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gandpa would have Slammed on the Brakes!

As mentioned previously in some of my blogs I have made reference to the Grand Parents watching our two younger children while our eldest comes to China with us.

However, something has happened on the weekend which gives me cause for concern this weekend. :-)

No, its not the fact that we will be 1/2 way around the world away from them... literally... 1/2 way.
No, its not the 3 or 4 weeks of school they will miss...
No, its not the fact that they have to travel by airplane almost 4000 kms away to be with the grandparents.
No, its none of those things...

Its the fact that Kid #2 pointed out a simple truth of all Grandparents while we were driving down Elgin St this weekend.

We passed by a candy store called 'Sugar Mountain'. Now, I'm not sure if there are 'Sugar Mountains' out where any of y'all live... but lets just say that the name is very fitting.
Its a HUGE candy store! Candies from all over the world!
  • Big candies!
  • Little candies!
  • New candies!
  • Old candies!
  • Even those little plastic garbage cans with the candies inside shaped like 1/2 rotted fish and stuff!
  • The tubes of gelatinousness goo brightly coloured and sugar filled as if pulled right out of a rainbow wall made from pure raw un-refined sugar!
Yesssir, this was the Candy store of ALL candy stores!

  • The Hummer to the SUV crowd.
  • The Big Mac to the fast food crowd.
  • The Micheal Bay movie to any 14 year old boy!
  • The Megan Fox to any 18 year old boy!
  • The Pampered Chef knife set to any wife (or husband who enjoys cooking, NTTATWWT)!
  • The Megan Fox to any 36 year old boy!
  • The iPhone to the Berkenstock wearing tree hugging Mac loving hippes!
... you get my drift.

And while a sweet cacophony of noise erupted from the back of the van, all united in one voice in the perpetual plea of any sugar deprived child "WE WANT CANDY!", all I could do, was drive on by, saying "sorry, too late! We just passed it".

And after the sobbing died down.
After the tears had dried.
After all hope was lost.
The still small voice of Kid #2 rose up gently though the air, and could be heard barely above the deafening sound of heartbreak and loss... "Grandpa would have slammed on the brakes".


  1. tell kid #2 not to fear, there's a sugar mountain in wpg.

  2. Oh no! Is it still at the Forks? Hopefully the kids won't notice it. The last thing MY children need... is sugar! ;-)