Sunday, October 4, 2009

Current Plan... its a good plan...

Alright, so it looks like we fly out of Ottawa on Nov 11th, and arrive in Beijing on the 13th!
From there, we travel to Zhongshan - the city where Pings orphanage is.
We can not see her at the orphanage, but we plan (hope) to travel around Zhongshan and take pictures of the city - where she was found, her orphanage, etc...

From there, we travel to Guangzhou (the provincial capital of Guandong (her province)) to wait for her. On the 15th she arrives in Guangzhou and we can start the adoption paperwork in China. On the 16th, she becomes our legally adopted daughter!!! :-)

Then, hopefully travel BACK to Zhongshan and tour the orphanage... (provided it dosn't cause too much confusion for Ping).

However, we still have to do all the Canadian Citizenship ship stuff there and blah blah blah... a loose outline is provided below.

Summary of Administrative Activities

First week
  • Mon Family receives child into their care
  • Tue Provincial government conducts formal adoption
  • Fri Provincial government provides Child’s Chinese documents: Adoption Order, Birth Certificate, Chinese Passport, etc.
Second week
  • Mon Citizenship Part 1 or Permanent Resident Status application (accompanied by the child’s Chinese passport) delivered to CIC staff at the Canadian embassy in Beijing
  • Wed Embassy provides the child’s Chinese passport with an infixed Canada Entry Visa as well as a document attesting that the child is a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada
In between the days, we get to do some site seeing tours... however, I'm not sure how much we will actually do. I think in adopting a new born baby it would still be somewhat easy to pick them up, carry them around and tour China... the baby can't really enforce their own will or anything yet. :-) However, with a 4 year old... it might make more sense to follow her lead in some situations and not 'push it'.

Anyway, its all good.

Now, I just have to help get Kids 2+3 off to the grandparents, aunts and uncles who will be looking after them while we're gone... of, and 3 weeks worth of home work for them... oh, and a French Tutor for Kid 2 while we are away... and... and...


  1. Woohoo - definite travel dates! Too exciting!

  2. Yes, exciting, but now even HARDER to wait. :-)