Monday, September 28, 2009

... sometimes Amazed.

I was thinking of calling this post "Oh great, my wife is crying... again", but I think sometimes amazed is so much more accurate.

It's getting hard to stay so darned manly, rough and rugged when people are being so darned supportive. Yup, if I were not so Chuck Norris-ish, I'm sure I would have shed a tear or two this last week.

The past week, we got together with a couple of families we met through the PRIDE course. We were under the assumption that it was just another dinner out at a friends place talking about the adoption and encouraging each other along our journeys.

But much to our surprise, they had prepared a Baby Shower for Ping! There were presents, and gifts, dolls, and teddy bears. Clothes and balloons and so many toys! This was truly amazing. The whole night was. I think my wife had already resigned herself to the fact that no one was going to throw her a Baby Shower. Maybe it sounds like a small thing, but ask any expectant mother, and it is no small thing to have people remember your baby (regardless if it is your 1st baby or not).

Even beyond the typical shower stuff, the whole night was amazing. From the food (oh the food!), gifts, conversations, to the older children playing so nicely with the younger ones... the whole night was amazing.

So Thank-You to our friends!

Sometimes I'm humbled, and other times I'm amazed by people. This was yet another one of those times.

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  1. It was such an exciting time to plan this baby shower. I'm so glad you liked it !! For us, it was just a normal thing to organize for the people you love. Now, that you're traveling soon, we just can't wait to see Jade.
    Enjoy every moment, You're just wonderful human beings and we're so glad to have you in our "family friends" circle.

    Fran & Terry