Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Play by Play...

Some of y'all have been asking my wife how the phone conversation went with FOI when we got our travel date. Looking for a bit of "play by play" action... I'll detail it as best as I can below.

Wife: yadda yadda yadda...
Me: uh-huh...
Wife: blah blah blah...
Me: Oh yea?
Wife: yak yak add the new addition to the house yak...
Me: Sounds geed... er hey wha *RING* *RING* *RING*

Phew! Saved by the telephone...

Me: Hello?
Voice on Phone: Ah, hello? Is dis Ahdrian Berzenski?

Oh great... some tele-marketer, thinks I. These people really drive me nuts sometimes. I don't mind what they do, I mean, its a job. So thats all fine and dandy. Oh but they get so pushy sometimes! I should just hang up...

Yea, this is Adrian.

... maybe its some poor university student just trying to make ends meet... no need to be rude. Just you know, let her down gently.

This is Yulin from FOI.

... or, maybe its the director from the adoption agency we are dealing with. So hard to tell them apart sometimes.

Oh! Great!
Yulin: Yes, um, I sent you an email today about your approval.

Oh no! She did! Said it would be after Oct the 8th! Its gonna be later. OH SNAP! She's calling because Oct the 8th was wrong! The paper work got lost AGAIN... ARRRGH!

We had expected that the approval would be processed after Oct the 8th.

Oh NO! Wait! Roberta went online and TOLD people we received Oct 8th as a date! Was she not supposed to DO THAT?! Was that BAD?!

Who is it?! Who is it?!
Me: Yulin! I think shes mad cuz you posted about Oct 8th!
Wife: WHAT?! How could she know that?!
Yulin: Well, we just got a phone call from the CCAA about your approval.

OH NO!!! Why would they call about our approval?! It didn't just get lost! If it was LOST we would have heard nothing. We've been DECLINED?! WHAT?! How could this happen?!?!

Oh right, yea, our approval. We did ask that you look into it to make sure everything was proceeding OK.
Yulin: They said they just put it in the mail yesterday.
Me: Yesterday? So, we've been approved?! What dose that mean?

Wife starts jumping up and down and crying and screaming!

Yulin: That means that you will get to travel in November!
Wife: Whats she saying?!?! Whats she SAYING?!
Me: That we will be able to travel in November!
Wife: TEEHEE HEHEHE! *sob* BWHAHAHAHAhahahahahaaaa! *cry*

Okay, stay calm... so we've been approved... the papers are in the mail. We get to travel in November. WE GET TO TRAVEL IN NOVEMBER!!!

Yulin: I know my hearing is not that great anymore, but I think I can hear your wife.
Me: Yea, she is happy! No wait, she's crying.
Wife: Its a happy cry!
Me: Oh, she says its a happy cry. So hard to tell them apart sometimes.
Wife: Ask if we get to go with the Nov 13th group!? I know people going on the Nov 13th group?!
Me: Are we going to be able to travel with the Nov 13th group?
Yulin: Ah, no.
Me: Sorry, she said no. Maybe later in the month.
Wife: Oh, that's too bad. Cuz I know people!
Me: Yes, I know you know people. People like you.

Okay! Great! So no paper work has been lost... we aren't in trouble... this is GREAT! Good stuff! Phew! I was scared there for a bit.

Yulin: Oh wait, the group leaves on Nov 11th - is that the group you mean? They have to be in Beijing by the 14th. Can you be in Beijing by the 14th?
Me: Oh yes! We can be in Beijing by the 14th!
Wife: tee-heeeee! *sob*
Yulin: Excellent, then the LSC should arrive from China in a week, you sign that, sign some more papers for Ontario. Also, our travel agent will contact you soon and sort the travel out.
Me: Awesome! Thank you SO much Yulin!!
Yulin: Okay - bye bye.

Hangs up... wow. WOW. Nov 11th!

Wife: Okay! We have to go book tickets NOW!
Me: Well thier travel agent will contact us and sort all the dates out. So we don't buy anything just yet.
Wife: I'm so calm! I'm totally calm! I'm always calm when things go crazy like that!
Me: Yea, you were pretty calm. Not screaming, crying or jumping around at all.


  1. Roberta, you are awesome! Your husband is hilarious! I always look forward to your posts and I love the pictures.

  2. Thank you for sharing this post, it made my husband and I smile....ah memories...! Better get packing!

  3. what I want to know is were those pre-existing pictures, or did one of the kids happen to be in the kitchen playing with a camera, or are the pictures part of one of those "dramatic re-enactments" that you see on shows like Rescue 911?

  4. Love 'the call' details - I felt like I was there. I would have been so happy crying with you, Roberta! Actually, happy crying for you right now!

  5. Awesome, just awesome. So happy guys - Ping couldn't get better, nicer parents. Though I think Adrian might want to get a haircut or a shave. ;)

  6. How old will Ping be when she arrives here?

  7. At this rate, 27... :-) She will have just turned 4.