Tuesday, September 15, 2009

eBay Distractions

Me: Adrian Berzenji, how may I...
Wife: Hey! Guess what?!
Me: What?
Wife: I found some Tupperware!
Me: Really? Tupperware eh. Good stuff. I didn't really know we were looking for Tupperware though.
Wife: Yea! And lots of it!
Me: Thats great. You called me at work to tell me you found Tupperwear?
Wife: Yea! Its all the Tupperware from when I was a kid!
Me: So, you actually found... 30 year old Tupperware.
Wife: Isn't that great!?
Me: Yea... great. Oh look, my Manager just walked in... gotta go.

... a little while later ...

Wife: Guess what?!
Me: More Tupperware?
Wife: YES! And its the camping stuff this time.
Me: Terrific... so, where are you finding this?
Wife: eBay!
Me: Oh... you kno...
Wife: Oh hold on! I gotta go! I gotta call Marg! *click*

... a little while later again ...

Me: Good afternoon, Adrian Berzenji spe...
Wife: Do you have an American Address?
Me: Uh, no. I do have a 2nd wife in Utah... I can ask if we can use her address.
Wife: *click*

... a little while later again ... again ...

Wife: Margs in!
Me: Margs in? What do you mean Margs in? How much Tupperware are you buying that people have to be "in"? Last time I said someone was "in" they were helping me hide a body.
Wife: Well, the eBay people wont ship to Canada...
Me: So you have to hide the eBay sellers body?
Wife: ... and we don't have an American Address.
Me: Right. Thats why we are having my 2nd wife in Utah help...
Wife: ... but Marg knows someone with an American Address!
Me: She's quite lovely. I think you would like her...
Wife: Do you know how much it would cost to ship 30 pounds of Tupperware to Canada?
Me: ... and we have 17 children.
Wife: *click*
Me: *siiiigh*

See, I think my wife is starting to loose it. Getting a little stir crazy.
Now, I could be wrong... but I think she has gone well past the 'nesting phase' and is entering into new and uncharted territories.
We've had 3 children already.
That's like, a combined total of 27 months of pregnancy.
But I do think this is harder on her.

She has already been nesting by having:
  1. redone the kitchen
  2. redone the windows
  3. repainted the interiour of the house
  4. moved the children's rooms
  5. repainted the children's rooms
  6. refurnished the children's rooms
  7. painted the exteriour of the house
  8. painted the doors
  9. ... and I'm sure the list goes on.

Now, now she is distracting herself with eBay.

This is not going to end well.

I need someone to post a lot of Tupperware for sale on eBay... and say you will ship to Canada.
Then... after she bids, just don't ship the Tupperware! See! Brilliant! Problem solved. :-)

Similarity, we were at a school fundraiser, and she was bidding on some Design Consultation services... it is not that I mind having a designer coming to the house to evaluate things... its the 5000$ Shoe Rack that I'm going to have to buy that is the issue.

So, maybe I'll start a fund to help pay for the eBay distractions...
... but I'll do that later.

Right now, I have to go cut the internet connection.


  1. Roberta on ebay...that's just plain scary.

  2. Hmmmmm....funny....Carolyn went crazy on eBay also while we were waiting. Be afraid Adrian...very afraid!!!

  3. Coming here from Debbie Gallants blog. This is so funny. I was laughing out loud and my husband asked what did you find there....Tupperware. LOL
    My mom use to sell the stuff. I have some from my childhood as well. Surely someone will ship t Canada or maybe you can just cross the border and have them ship it there. ha
    We are expecting to travel soon and I have taken up sewing. That is a wonderful past time. hehe
    Feel free to come by our blog to visit.