Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why Do I Even Try? :-)

Wife: Where do you think this picture should go? Above the couch, or in the hall?
Me: Couch.
Wife: Alright, I'll put it in the hall then.

Wife: What should I wear, the green dress? Or the blouse?
Me: Dress.
Wife: Okay, I'll go with the blouse.

Wife: Do you want steak of vegiterian lasagna for super?
Me: (I've got this figured out by now) The vegiterian stuff.
Wife: Me TOO! Great!

Wife: New Stereo, or another new bed?
Me: Stereo!
Wife: How could you say that! We need a new bed!
Me: We've had 3 new beds already! I still dont have a stereo!
Wife: Bed.

Wife: Do you want to paint the closet today?
Me: No, I would rather work on my blog.
Wife: I'll go get you your painting stuff.

I could go on all day with these thins... but the basic rule I've figured out over the past 15 or so years, is that my opinion dosn't matter much. I think my opinion sits somewhere between that of a rock, and the cats, in terms of importance... and that wouldn't even be a smart rock! More like, and unintelligent rock...

Point is, we were tyring to decide on a 'Canadian' name for Ping... interestingly enough, one of my co-workers name is Ping. And although it is beautiful, I'm still afraid of the play ground... Ping... Pong... Ping... Pong... Kids.

I had recently put up the VOTE section for possible names.
The top three names were:

  1. Kaida - which I LOVED... but didn't expect to actually use... it is an Asian name as well. So why go from one Asian name, to another? So scratch Kaida off the list... only got 3 votes anyway, and I think 2 were mine. :-)
  2. Jade - again, a name I proposed and do really like... but just wasn't sure about.
  3. Ava - a play off a family-esque name (we have a cousin Eva) which works well with our last name, a good choice I thought.

Everyone voted.
And my Ava name won!

So... to that end, anyone want to venture a guess as to WHICH name my lovely wife has decided we will use for our new daughter?

... I'll leave you hanging in suspense... although, I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. :-)


  1. Was it Kaida?

    I really love the name Ava :)

  2. LOL!

    I was playing with names one day and wrote a list of them out. One of the ones I made up was KoiAnna I totally loved it but hubby wouldn't go for it. I am still sour over that!

  3. Um, no... not Kaida. :-) It means something like "Little Stone Dragon"... I thought that was cute!

    Oh, and Debz, you should TOTALLY blog about the loss of your KoiAnna name... so therapeutic! :-)

  4. Your wife makes perfect sense to me...what's wrong with you?! ;) Can't wait to hear the perfect name chosen for Ping!