Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vent Your Spleen...

No, I didn't really know what that meant either. Luckily enough, I work with an Englishmen who was kind enough to explain what "venting your spleen" means:
"If you vent your spleen, you express your anger."
Alternatively, you rant or let off steam.

So naturally, I had to share that with you all. Why? What has venting your spleen have to do with adoption?

More than one might assume at first.

... thinking ... thinking ...

Okay... you now what, nothing. I got nothing. It has nothing to do with adoption. I just really wanted to share that new phrase with you all.

So go on! Vent your spleen! It's not good to keep all that spleenliness bottled up inside.

And you know what, there may be times we as parents need to vent our spleens. For instance, your lovely child decides to do something that they KNOW is wrong... times like:
  • colouring on the walls
  • smearing poo on the walls
  • breaking dishes cuz they liked the sound it made
  • trying to bath the cat in the toilet
  • trying to bath their little sister in the toilet
  • hiding your car keys, then forgetting where they hid them (normally when you are running late for work)
  • hiding sharp pointy toys in your shoes
  • etc... etc... etc...

And there may be times when as an adoptive waiting parent, you may want to vent... times like:
  • the government loosing your paper work
  • the mail loosing your documents
  • passport being rejected 3 times for non-issues
  • waiting... just... waiting...
  • etc...

And we need a safe place to vent our spleens! So I'm thinking of starting another blog called: just for us all to vent...

But then there is the other side of the spleen... times like:
  • when your finally get your referral
  • when you 1st see your child!
  • the 1st time your child says your name
  • every time your child holds your hand, hugs you, gives you kisses, or says "I love you"
  • every time your child calls out "Daddy! Daddy! Look at me!"
  • when they curl up in your arms and fall asleep
  • the 1st time they learn to ride a bike...
  • swing a bat...
  • catch a frisbee...
  • swim...
  • the 1st time you get to buy a life jacket beacuse apparently swimming dosn't come naturally to all
  • go to school (yikes!)
  • ... date, grow up, get married, have grand kids! (wait, I'm getting ahead of myself)
  • etc... etc... etc...
SO I guess venting your spleen might have a time and place... (I still think is a brilliant idea) But really, the important thing, is the "other side of the spleen".

And I love the other side of the spleen! It makes the rest of the spleen all worth while. :-)

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