Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm an Uncle, again...

Sunday morning, we got a phone call ... my little Sister was in labour!

YAY!  So exciting.

I already have a couple of nieces who are amazing, however, because we lived thousands of kilometers away, I never really got to see them when they were baby-babies.  This surprisingly, made me somewhat sad...

Luckily, I have a tremendous wife!

She got on the computer that same day, found me a flight heading to Winnipeg within 18 hours of finding out that my sister was in labour, and here I am.

I was actually able to make it in time for the birth... truth be told... I probably could have driven here... by camel... and a slow camel at that, one which was missing a leg... or two... and still made it in time.  My little sister had 40+ hours of labour!  (and some say adopting is crazy and hard!)  Ouch.

And again, so many things run though your mind at a time like this.
Here before me, the miracle of birth!
My new niece was entering the world!
A world full of joy and wonder and merriment!
I knew my sister and her husband were excited and so looking forward to this.
What a wonderful birth story.

But really, I think the most profound thought was this:
Holy crap, am I ever LUCKY I'm a guy!

I guess really all birth stories are amazing.  Each for their own reasons.

And it is incredible to watch my sister go though all that labour, and yet some how, at different times, seem to think that she may doing something "wrong", or she was apologizing for something silly (like being tired), etc.
What apologies should she have?!  None.  She had a baby!  (thats a fair bit more than I've done in the last 40-some odd hours... or years...)  
That is the amazing "thing".
Its not the 28 hours without drugs... thats maybe crazy... I'm not sure... 28 hours of back labour!  Why?!
Its not this competition that some mothers seem to wear as a bragging right...

The amazing thing, is that a few hours ago... there was one less person in this room.
Now... there is another person (who also has Lans Nose).

Well, not THIS room... room.  No I'm at my parents.   I don't think blogging while my sister is busy pushing out a 9lb 3oz baby is proper etiquette.  And as wonderful and gracious as my sister is, I'm afraid she may have shoved my keyboard somewhere unpleasant.

Anyway, I'm even distracting myself now... where was I?

Right, the amazing thing was that, their family of 2 is now a family of 3.

And that is the same amazing thing about adoption... our family of N will now be N+1.

And how wonderful, exciting, amazing and SCARY is that!

Oh yes, I'm sure my sister and her husband are all of those emotions, including scared.
Oddly enough, the same way I feel about adoption... wonderful, excited and scared.

I know my sister is going to worry about her new daughter, just as I worry about mine.
She will have the same hopes and dreams for her beautiful little girls, just I will dream for mine.
She will hold her, cuddle her, hug her, and cry over her... just as I will mine.
She will sit up at night, wondering "is she alright?", just as I will mine.
She will crawl into her new babies room, and stand there... just watching her breath... as I will mine.
She will laugh with her, dance with her, sing with her, hold her hand when she is scared... just I will mine.
She will pass her new daughter to her father after she has filled her diaper for the 42nd time today, just as my wife will pass our daughter to ME...  (well, Pings out of diapers, so hopefully not, but you know what I mean)

I guess, all this could by summed up in this:
Maybe in the end, it helped remind me, adoption, isn't so different after all.

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