Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hardest Thing...

The Hardest Thing...

Now, I'm not sure that I've ever REALLY done anything the easy way.

  • Got married, far too young.
  • Had children, far too young.
  • Went back to finish school with a wife and child, mortgage and car loan...
  • Did I mention I was married?
  • Worked 3 part time jobs to pay for the said wife (her bed fetish), car loan, mortgage, and child (while in school).
  • Moved thousands of miles away from family.
  • Got a job in software even though my education was in hardware.
  • Had a daughter.
  • Already am out numbered by children VS adults in our house.
  • Did I mention I was married?

So yea, I'm not really sure that I've ever really done things the "easy way"... I think the easy way might be boring. :-)

Oh, for example, after we got married, we bought the one bedroom condo, the two door car, and then decided to wait 5 years to have children.
Wouldn't ya know it, 2 weeks later, we were expecting our 1st child.

Huh. Typical. Such is my life. And I love it! :-)

What has that in relation to adoption?

  • Well, here we finally have all the time in the world to prepare for it!
  • We had courses!
  • We had Social Workers to help us thought stuff.
  • We had professional adoption agencies to calm us.
This should be easy!

... right? Anyone? *siiigh*

How hard could it be?
Fill out some forms... wait for a child... wait some more... and more...
and ... more...
... and more...
... and darn it!

Waiting is the hardest thing!

Forget the paper work.
Forget the interviews.
Forget the social workers, PRIDE course, screening process.
Forget the 35 Body Mass Index (arrrgh!).
Forget all the doubt and self worry about being a good parent.
Forget all the fears about Attachment issues.
Forget all that.

Lets just work on waiting.

And that today... that is the hardest thing.

Tomorrow? Who knows. Maybe I'll be lucky and my wife will buy a new bed and distract my thoughts for a bit. :-)


  1. Well, now you`re just giving her an excuse to act up...I know you got new windows, but what kind of shape is your roof in...maybe she should get some "estimates" done.
    I remember loving that first bed you guys got, I`m still waiting for my first headboard because apparently they are so easy to build that it doesn`t make sense to buy one...of course it`s just easier to make excuses like that and not have one at all I guess. Maybe I should take a few lessons from Roberta and just go out and buy one.

  2. Oh no, don't take lessons from Roberta. :-)
    But yea, a head board should be EASY to make... I've got one to make for Koles bed... so yea, why buy one? :-)
    And the roof is FINE! FINE I say! No no! Don't look up there! ARRRRGH!

  3. If you haven't already done it, print out a "life-size" printout of your daughter standing. You may need to tape mulitiple pieces of paper together to get the full size. Then tape it up on the wall (you look at everyday) at the right height as her. She'll seem more real and you'll love looking at her everyday. We did this for our waiting daughter. It was a pretty moving experience.